Bunz Finds: If you don’t know, now you know!

Bunz is our new fave app, and we are totally addicted. It’s basically a barter app. I have this thing, willing to trade my things for other things like a,b and c. You have that thing that I want, can I trade you x for it. That’s how it goes. From food, to books, to furniture, to clothing, to shoes, to krazy glue, to tealights and half used bottles of perfume, if you can think it then it’s probably there. For more of a background on the founder (she’s a Torontonian, folks) and why she created the whole thing in the first place (it started as a FB group and grew rapidly from there) check out this article from SheDoesTheCity.com. We have already gotten a few awesome pieces for the house in exchange for wine and tokens (the go to currencies of choice, as bunz is based in trading, not money transactions) including this lamp, price: 2 tall cans of decent beer (be nice, no PBR unless people specifically ask you for it).

Bunz lamp find

Modern lamp, $two tall cans from bunz.com 

Bunz is all about perceived value, so ou are going to come across a lot of random stuff that people have attached a certain $ value to or are asking for giftcards for of a certain amount… The best way to successfully bunz, if you do have piles of clothes, books, shoes, whatever, sitting around that you know you should do something with, and you’re not, is consider what good it is doing for you now, and how much good(er) it could be doing you if you exchanged it for something you could really use. Like film, tokens or a coffee table. It’s all about perceived value, so it’s entirely reasonable to expect some deals that make no monetary sense, but make literal sense in that each person is getting things they need/covet. Like when I traded 6 tokens for Tory Burch winter boots last week. Yes. 6 tokens.

photo c/o BlogTO.com

photo c/o BlogTO.com 

This post marks our first Bunz Finds list, so it’s gonna be home decor themed, obvs. Get out there and get bunzing!

Could be handy for a garden feature, or maybe even a few book ends? AND THEY’RE FREE.

Vintage Paris Monumnet Map

Map of Paris showing major landmarks 

Need art? This would be great above the couch, in a den or an upstairs hallway.  Add Ikea frame and stir.


Projector, Works perfectly, has all the cords and the remote 

The owner is looking for something at the $100 equivalent, either as a gift card or booze… We have a projector in our basement, and #trust, there’s no way your gonna find a TV with a potential screen size this large for this price.

How cute is this? Reupholster and use it at the front door as a shoe put-er on-er chair/hold your bags of stuff before you get out the door in the morning table. Owner is looking for a giftcard (GC, for those in the know) so try your luck!

Black side/coffee table 

Got booze, a white board or some wall hooks? Then you done got yourself a table! We’d probably try to figure out a way to paint the legs..Maybe there’s a washi tape project in your future!!!!

Can’t see these two lasting long… they were only posted an hour ago and already people are messaging!!! Get on it, peeps!

Happy happy bunzing!



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