Shops we Love: Spoutnik of Montreal

Holy effing sh&@ you guys this shop is unreal. Like we are legit reconsidering the retinal portion of our trip to come back through Montreal so we can bring a bunch of the things she has in her shop home with us a) because the owner has FABULOUS taste and b) we literally cannot handle how reasonably priced everything in this shop is. As much as we want to keep this a secret and not share, well, you’re gonna die when you see all this stuff and since when did we keep any of this to ourselves, really…? Wouldn’t have a blog if we did that so… Here’s a few of the bits that we were able to capture in between my exclamations of SHUT UP. Which is what we are renaming this store. You can’t help it.

NOTE: We may be buying some of these pieces so don’t hate if you go and they’re gone… We have 100% confidence that the voids will be filled by other pieces just as faboosh and jaw droppingly affordable. And now for the piece de resistance…

See we told you. This place may as well be called Shut Up.

Bonne journee!



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