Shops We Love: Biron et Fils, Quebec City QC

We first came across this shop a few years ago when we visited Quebec City on our honeymoon. Located in the heart of tourist town/Virus Quebec, the shop is just off the beaten path and may not even be on radar were it not for the restaurants right beside it that offer a constant flow of looky loos. Lucky for us, most tourists aren’t looking for metal hooks, nails, cabinet hardware and pulls or else we’d surely be elbowing people in the face to get to the cash register. Something about ‘luggage weight restrictions’ that probably works in our favour. Anyway, back to the point: forget Restoration Hardware and ridiculous shipping from US costs, this shop has the most affordable reproduction vintage hardware we have ever come across, nevermind their grate covers and hairpin metal legs which are $14.99 A LEG. #forserious


4 of these and a hunk of old wood: dining room table for under $100. You’re welcome.

And here’s the rest. The prices are so good this is pornographic, BFD cannot be held responsible for the damage this may inflict on your bank account.

The owner also takes custom orders and has worked with a number of clients to help them create designs that they now sell. Although the whole site is in French, you’ll figure it out by looking at the photos, and if you have questions the owner can answer in English. The company itself has been part of the hardware manufacturing landscape since the early 20th Century as a family business. So not only will you be buying Canadian and saving money, you’ll be supporting a local small business. Which is nice.

Bonne Chance!




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