Stuff we love: NICE MUG! No seriously…

So we finally broke last night… The heat is on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with four seasons, there is an inevitable internal struggle Canadians face every year going from the very brief, and FREE home temperature management time period of September/early October when we don’t have to have A/C on OR heat on and can open the windows and sleep comfortably… To having to accept that it’s too bloody cold in the house to be comfortable and it’s time to turn on the heat cause you’re nose is permanently cold and you’re washing your hands a lot just to warm yourself up. Other things we will do to try to avoid turning on heat include: excessive throw blanketry, indoor hat and scarf combos, going to bed at 6pm and drinking lots of hot beverages (with or without alcoholic toppers, no judgement).

Asking for a friend....

Perusing the personal mug collection for a suitable warm me up vessel, I was overcome with a need to check out more mugs because I’m shallowly sick of the ones we have and want to look at more!

Siirtolapuutarha large mug $26 from

This one is totally all about the Scandi monochrome and pink vibe that is so in right now, because it’s a style classic! Plus you get to show off to people that it’s a Marimekko, of Finland?  Hello?

Can’t afford the $500 dutch oven? Well what about this here mug that can make you look fancy and French cultured for 1 millionth of the price? You can even call it thee instead of tea and people will totally be impressed because a) Canadians use French words all the time and b) using other languages immediately make every day things like tea sound more expensive. Papier de toilette. Bicyclette.

Nice hint of mint for the season keeping it fresh with the falls colours. Get 4 of these or check out their other colourways for a mix and match, which may help in case you break one and then are left with an odd set number. We may or may not know this from personal experience.

How. Cool. Is. This. Mug. Yes perfectly in time for Halloween, but this thing is suitable any time of year because we literally all have skeletons and gold and white. So there.

So much goodness in one mug why choose just one motif?  Pip Studio’s stuff has always been a kitschy fave of ours for wallpaper, stationary and bedding, but just look at this delicious thing. There’s also a matching teapot, just saying…

Well, it does.

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

A nice surprise besides being out of drink and having to get off your ass to get more of said drink… Dah dah!!!

Rounding our with some subtle style here, these are definitely a nice organic twist on the everyday, perfect if you’re a mug cradler who likes a spot that’s just right optimal thumb positioning.




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