Craigslist Finds: Fall Back 2016

Best thing about today? Getting an extra hour of time to do stuff. Worst thing about today? We know what the extra hour of sleep is supposed to make up for and the impending cold and dark can be daunting. It’s true. Can home decor therapy help? Maybe. More than eating a tub of ice cream? Definitely. Cause you can’t sit on ice cream. Well, you can… But it’s messy.

I love the sunshine in his photo almost as much as these chairs. Don’t even need to reupholster, they are GTG!  Wood look great with a glass top dining table or something a little more modern/Tulip-y. At this price you can go table fancy at Elte.

These would actually go really well with the MCM chairs above provided you had no little spill prone people running around the house… Or you could maybe do a fabric stencil on these chairs to match what ever stain surprise emerge. Craft opportunity and a steal of a deal for this chair pair!

This is a 4 parter, all for $800?


Retro and functional! You can store all your sweaters and throws in here and they will all come out smelling like you’ve been hanging with the Mr Tumnus via the cedar wardrobe. LOVE THAT CEDAR SMELL. YUM!

LOVE this table, so the fact it’s this price AND comes with 4 chairs? Dining set sorted. Done and done.

Um hello? Kartell light for $150? Used but mint condition the only person who will know this timeless classic is second hand is you. High five.

Oh, and pick up this ARTEMIDE desk lamp while you’re at it… It’s like 1/4 the normal price! Bedside lamp, office lamp, even a statement task lamp in your kitchen, another timeless classic for a ‘You have GOT to be kidding me’ price.

The set is close to 50 years old, so this is some prime lucite right here. The table’s not totally our taste, but the chairs alone are worth WAAAAY more than the price they are asking. Not necessarily everyone’s style, but if you love lucite (and you KNOW we love ourselves some lucite and have NO MORE ROOM FOR CHAIRS) make this happen. You won’t be sorry.

Happy hibernating, folks!





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