Stuff We Love: Time to get thrown! (aka buy a throw)

Now that the holiday shopping season is officially upon us, out come all the yummy stay warm home decor suggestions. We led the way a few weeks ago with mugs, but it’s full on throw time people. Time to jazz up that couch or add a splash of fancy to the master bedroom! Hell, ponchos are super in for a second, you could even cut some holes in one and wear it out for a fall stroll. Nobody will know!

SPOOT THROW $199 from

SPOOT THROW $199 from

You may not be able to afford redo the kitchen floor with the tile that looks like this print, but this ย Scandi-modern inspired blanket is an excellent alternative. Plus burgundy, which is so now and totally fall delicious.

I saw this one in the wool yesterday and OMG it’s gorgeous and on sale. Green, blue, red and black hunky chunky yum yum. Our dog Leelu, who prides herself on being able to translate certain big knit home decor products into puzzles, likes to take pieces like these apart. Which is why the closest we can come to getting something like this is rolling in a huge pile of them in the shop. Which isn’t weird at all.

Doesn’t get much more Canadian than this, that’s for sure. Why limit the wool sock style to foots anyway? Give your living room the cottage treatment without having to drive 3 hours north. SCORE!

And just in case you need a warm reminder of a life more tropical, you can start here by literally wrapping yourself in banana leaf print fleece. On trend and on couch. Perfect.

Drake General Store - Fairytale Kids Blanket $78.00 from

Drake General Store – Fairytale Kids Blanket $78.00 from

This says it’s for kids, we say ba humbug. The red, blue and pink combo is always a decor hit, and you can sock it away as a holiday treasure for the family to enjoy as a keepsake. Santa + dragon = awesome!

Happy Throwing!



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