Christmas Lights 101: How Soon… Is Too Soon?

Although we hold ourselves to the highest of aesthetic standards and integrity for the majority of the year… when it comes to the holidays (and Christmas lights) we are unabashedly NOT tasteful or restrained. Not even a little bit. Although we don’t completely cover our own house with lights and inflatables (as we are also very stingy when it comes to electricity bills) we 100% support everyone around us going absolutely ape sh*t with the lights.

188 Brock Ave in West End Toronto (for more visit

As a wise man (Karl Pilkington to be exact) once said:

But how soon is TOO soon to get the lights out and put the tree up? We are already woefully late to the party in terms of lights as ours are up as of today, but the other side of the street has been aglow for almost a week already. Again, no skin off our nose really as that is what we are looking AT, and it’s still pretty dark on our side of the street, which we don’t have to look at, but STILL. Given the amount of deals available care of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, it’s safe to say that putting the exterior decor up on the house over American Thanksgiving weekend is a good place to start. Everyone has sales going on.

NOMA Outdoor Christmas Fairy Lights, 50-ft ON SALE $39.99 at 

Loving these indoor looking, but outdoor acting, delicate, wire fairy lights. Excellent for wrapping around spires and railings on your front porch, or some artfully arranged birch limbs, perhaps?

Loving the nouveau vintage vibe of these indoor flickering lights. Great for intertwining in a garland on the mantle, or framing an apartment window, and accompanied by some mulled wine.

Being mindful of that whole warm white/cool white divide is also super important, as there’s nothing worse than just looking for ‘white’ outdoor lights and realizing too late that what you have already doesn’t match what you got because you didn’t realize you had to specify. Cause you do. We currently have cool white to go with the dripping icicles we have that hang from the ceiling of the porch, but are also major fans of the classic warm, which is what we have on the inside. These cool white lights would be great if you got 3 or 4 strands and jut went nuts on a front yard tree or some bushes for the full starry night effect.

Supertek Window Wonderland LED Projector with 12 Movies ON SALE $69.99 from 

This rear projection display comes with 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween movies that you can project on a window in your house…. But the listing doesn’t show what the other ones are, just this one… If there’s a timer it would be pretty funny to have your 6 holiday scenes interrupted by a screaming ghost for 1 second.. To entertain the dog walkers and passers by. And then insist when people point out that you’ve got ghosts in your lights… that you have no idea what they are talking about. For some entertainment WITHIN your entertainment. 😉

This thing is not remotely on sale, but look at it. It’s ridiculous and awesome at the same time. Because only in Canada would you have a Buckingham Palace styled guard complete with moose face. In lights. That’s 6 feet tall. Maybe you can automate it to try to attack people when they walk up to your front door. For some holiday sh%ts and gigs.

And now, if you’ll excuse me… They only have 10 sets of these left at my local Canadian Tire, so yeah… Just need to nip out for a bit. As you were… Putting up your lights! DO IT.




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