Craigslist Finds: The Holiday 2017 Edition

A ho ho ho! Who has two thumbs and is excited for another season of food, merriment, gift giving and judging the home decor choices of friends and family?!?!? Yeah, me too. No matter how hard you try to not judge, there’s a teeny tiny piece of you that always notices the new napkins on the Christmas table this year, the expensive, festive hand soap in the powder room and the re-gifted scented candle that is being currently sitting under your tree still in the same bag that you gave it to your cousin in last year. Time to fancy up the place with a new set of chairs or a lamp so that at least this holiday’s passive aggressions directed your way will be dripping with envy.

Big Steel Ceiling Pendant Light (Chandelier) – $200

Good for above a kitchen island or dining table, nobody will ever guess the steal of a deal you got on this gorgeous, Bistro/Nautical style pendant!

Love love love this table. Or giant desk. Architectural and light by design, you’d be hard pressed to find something this good looking at this price point brand new. BUY THIS!

Brand new chandelier – $20 ($60 with Edison bulbs) 

Ya, that no chandelier thing you have that’s not working for you? How about something stylish and modern for $20? Can’t understand how they are letting this go so easily and brand new like… But why ask why? ENJOY!

These babies will be easy enough to recover given how angular they are, but they are in excellent shape and you’re getting 6 of them for $100! So you’l finally have enough seating at the kids table and won’t need to use the old highchair and bathroom stools anymore!

Divine for a cozy corner or an occasional chair with attitude in the living room, this piece is comfy, stylish… thought definitely not for the neutral colour crowd. Whether original or redone, the upholstery is in excellent condition and can be plopped happily in to any setting to go to work.

How. Gorgeous. Is. This. Table. A slight chip on the corner gets you this fab piece at $175. This is truly envy inducing, so go on… Let the fam be jealous this Christmas of your to die for coffee table.

And because bar carts are all the rage, why not gift yourself one and imbibe in style this year? You’d pay just as much if not more for something new but decidedly less substantial, so why bother? MCM style at its finest.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday and New Year!!!




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