Tile Tuesday: A BFD Kitchen Update

Anyone who says picking tile is easy either isn’t picking tile for their own house, or they can afford any tile they want so they can get the good stuff right off the bat without having to do any digging. Thankfully we have picked some, but it wasn’t before we spent a week looking online and in store for tile. HINT: most good tile stores don’t have great sites, cause you know, they want you to go to the store, so you have to get off your ass and go look at them.  Which is exciting and overwhelming and exactly the kind of adult experience where you find yourself saying. ” I cannot believe this is what I’m spending my time doing and that I care about this.” Because how could you not? Tile is fab. Look what we found at Ciot.com in the Castlefield design district:

And then we went to Surfaces & Co. Where tile dreams come true. Le sigh x a million. Featuring the only place in Toronto to get Mosaique Surface tiles from Montreal, brace yourself. And your wallet.

And they also had these….

You can hear the angel music when you look at this one, can’t you? (via mosaiquesurface.com)

Oh yeah, and THAT was just  Saturday. We went to The Tile Store and Ceramic Tile World in the east end of Toronto near O’Connor and St Clair on Sunday…

BUT WHICH ONE DID WE CHOOSE???? Did we go graphic, mosaic, blow the bank or keep it colourful??? Not done yet. We’re installing the backsplash this weekend, so stay tuned. The big reveal is NIGH! (well, almost night, give or take a weekend)

Tee hee!

kitchen ninjas out


Our Projects: Kitchen Reno… Phase 1

As you may or may not be aware, we are redoing the kitchen. Various snaps at stages of undress have been posted on the socials already, but this is the definitive renovation part one instalment of the saga. Hoping sags won’t be toooooo long. Anyone who has renovated knows this above all is the mantra you repeat when crossing your fingers and signing on the dotted line. Originally, the kitchen looked like this:It was… interesting to say the least. So we painted all the cabinets, the floor, dumped that fridge, which was legit 100% fridge. With a separate freezer in the basement. Which, if you like ice in your drinks, is super convenient. 

We had to paint it all. The floor was so not us.  But we knew the white paint, while ok for now, wasn’t going to be the end of the kitchen’s transformation. New fridge, new hardware, new sink and concrete countertops definitely helped, but those cabinet fronts and awkward wasted storage space at the top? Had to be fixed.

Looks pretty good, eh?

Full bloom kitchen on a sunny day was nice and bright

But all those knick knack whatevers at the top of the cabinets were dumb and dusty and the cabinets were full of corners that collected dust and needed to be updated. In short, dust was the inspiration for the kitchen.

First in was the new appliances. We love them. Half of BFD does not cook, but 100% of BFD thinks these appliances are cool.

Then we had to figure out how this place was gonna look. Same layout but newer. Looking at it now actually makes it look pretty same-ish to now except a few upper cabinet modifications. And everything’s a different colour. So like still a change but not an OMG it’s not avocado anymore kitchen pre/post. We can do the old, OLD kitchen though in the final reveal. We just couldn’t stand to live with a kitchen that looked like that until we were able to reno it, like 5 years later…

So this was the new plan

And this is what we chose for the counter, floor and cabinets from Lowes.

…and here is the tile, counter and cabinet fronts we’ve picked from Lowe’s… stay tuned….

Next up… cabinets come out and the floor goes down. Oh yeah.


For Sale: Reclaimed Wood Tabletop With Adjustable Trestle Legs

We have a custom made (condo sized) table for sale featuring stainless steel, adjustable trestle legs and a custom made reclaimed wood top measuring 60″x26″. What’s great about this table is it works both as a dining table or a bar top. It’s also super light and easy to move and could easily serve as a portable kitchen island.

Interested? Check it out on Kijiji or Craigslist and send us a note!


BFD Reveal: We Got King Size Bed Style!

We posted a little preview on Instagram today, but we finally up and got a King Size bed AND bed frame. And it was totally not because the dogs take up all the space on the bed… Except that they totally take up less space now that we have a big ass bed!!!

Bedroom Revamp 1 #bfd

Welcome to our tropical pink velvet boudoir!

Some of you may be looking at the surface of the side tables, because it’s all scratched up. They’re vintage 1950’s from my grandparents and I refuse to have them refinished. They have always looked that way, so unless we are restoring to that exact stain? Not interested.

Bedroom Revamp 2 #bfd

From the left so you can see that sweet, sweet CB2.com bed detail

It took us forever to find a low profile bed (because dogs are old, can’t jump the way they used to) that we both liked until finally we saw this one online. It’s from CB2 and took us about 6 weeks from ordering to get it delivered and set up. It literally took them 5 minutes to deliver, put it together and boom. It cost an extra $160, but it was well worth it.

Drommen bed from cb2.com $1199 to $1499 CAD

Drommen bed from cb2.com $1199 to $1499 CAD

And the mattress? We got an Endy, which is the online, foam, orderable Casper equivalent, but Canadian. Ordered it on Saturday, delivered to our front porch by Wednesday. Double BOOM!

We use the mattress right on the wood slats of the bed. Mattress + bed. That’s it. And we love it. Not hard as a rock, but not smushy/bad for your back either. Very very recommend.

We tried to steam the wrinkles out as much as we could, but you can still see where the dogs like to launch on/off the bed. They are very excitable. We will get it right for our spread in Elle Decor, but until then… The sheets were sort of a fluke and we got them on sale when we were at West Elm a few weeks ago (not going to buy anything was the intent… We are liars) and some of the colours are on sale now online as well, so….

And finally those divine palm print cushions? We picked them up at a pop up shop  by 3 Design in Toronto a few weeks ago and they follow us from room to room because they’re lovely and we love them. And it’s winter so where the hell else are we going to get tropical?

Hope you enjoyed our bedroom redo as much as we did. Just wait till you see the sheets we got for Christmas!!!!


Need Holiday Cards? Check out the NiceNook Marketplace


Located at 1488 Kingston Rd in the east end of Toronto, The NiceNook Marketplace is your destination to pick up kick ass holiday cards that don’t suck, care of yours truly! Introducing our line of holiday cards…

At $3 each or choose your own set of eight for $20, they are affordable, locally made and totally bloody hilarious. Note: dogs featured are our actual dogs in their actual holiday gear. Which they love. So. Much.

Want cards but don’t want to head east? Drop us a line at bothwellfarringtondesign@gmail.com and we can do local meet ups and deliveries in Toronto. And yes, we take custom orders too.


Another BFD Reveal: Staging 1 Shaw

So we have a condo that we currently rent and are looking to sell, but it’s been a while since it’s been updated. Luckily,  the tenant was away on holiday and said it was fine for us to go in and spruce up the place for photos. Less luckily, the walls hadn’t been painted since Keith bought the place in his ‘bachelor days’.

What we did:

  1. Took down everything off the walls.
  2. Packed up everything from the furniture and kitchen counter surfaces into boxes, each labelled according to its requisite room.
  3. Moved out all the furniture from the living room and the clothes, dresser and tables from the bedroom (left the bed).
  4. Took down the light fixtures off the bedroom walls and kitchen ceiling (it was time for a Craigslist find!).
  5. All of the furniture fit in a panel van and we stored the extra pieces for a few months at a storage place. No stress, slightly less moving things in and out of places.
  6. Then we brought in new furniture (ours, from the basement with a few living room pieces you may recognize…)


    The Bill Murray throw and throw pillow were actually gifts we registered for from our wedding! from Society6.com


    Sherwin Williams Superpaint 2 in 1 Paint and Primer $36.24/gallon

    Then the painters started. It took them from 8am to 4pm. They used good paint. Which helped with the number of coats they had to do, cause we admit it, the grey was a pain in the ass to cover. It was 2-3 coats total (some walls took a bit more).  And now… the REVEAL…

    Money Shot

    The money shot

    The entire process of moving stuff out, painting, cleaning, moving the stuff back in and arranging it all… 2 days. 2 of us and 2 painters. By Sunday night? Absolutely knackered. Advice for next time? Make sure you have massages booked at the end. Lots of stuff is gonna be achy.

Need staging for your place or just some goddamn help already?

Get in touch!


BFD Reveal:The Before and After of an Icky No More Urban Toronto Porch

This is what our porch used to look like on our house. It was ok.. Certainly not the ugliest one in the hood, but there were issues. Like that lattice on the under part behind the Boxwoods (this is an old picture, they’ve grown since this was taken a few years ago). The paint on the steps had completely peeled off. And on the far right corner beside the brick post, the floor was a little bouncy. So bouncy that if someone REALLY wanted to, they could probably go right through it. Which would be funny, but also, there’d be a hole in the porch, which sucks.


The Porch BEFORE the Porch

One Friday afternoon Keith decided to just take off the railing parts… But when he started chipping away, he realized there was actually some ok looking wood underneath, which wasn’t used and covered instead for no good reason. As is the theme with most of the aesthetic ‘choices’ made before our time in our house.


Oh hello railing, sorry we didn’t get a chance to spend any time together


At least both sides of the family got to see each other before…




Already, a lot better, don’t you think?

But Keith couldn’t stop here, which is what I thought he was going to do….


Oops! Those extra planks just sort of fell right off….

So this is what I was greeted with when I got home after work. NO MORE FRONT DOOR ENTERING OF HOUSE FOR YOU! Good news: the joists underneath were totally fine, so we only had to replace the cosmetic wood, which saved us at least $1k. And a lot of pain.


Didn’t have to wait long before new planks started being added in though… Like literally the next day


All new cedar 1×6’s. It smelled SO GOOD. Thanks Home Depot! (not because they sponsored this post cause they didn’t — we still had to pay for the wood, but that’s where we got it from, FYI)


And we have stairs!


Which smelt as eqaully cedar awesome as the deck.


And this was the finished product after weekend 1. Not bad right???

Then it was time for the railing. Origianlly we thought it was going to be wood, but then Keith came across a 100% FREE piece of tempered glass (ex window from what we understand) that someone was giving away from their renovation site on Kijiji. Yes, that’s right. A 10’x4′ piece of perfectly intact glass. For free.


But the posts, which were brown pressure treated 6x6s — not cedar, cause those are special order, and way expensive –had to go in first. This was week 2.



And by week 3, that glass went in! Not bad eh? We had to pay $100 for delivery, and it took 2 men to move, but that glass, once braced by metal brackets, was not going NOWHERE


Also had to build a cedar side railing thing cause you know, falling off the side of the porch, which is again, hilarious, also hurts when it’s from 8 feet off the ground. Apparently.


We ended up getting some of the horizontal wood in that we wanted orginally before the glass miracle happened

And TA DAH!!!! The finished product. Not bad for 3 weekend worth of work and $2k worth of cedar and pressure treated wood, right?



3 weeks. And DONE.

Questions? Comments? Need help with a project of your own? Send us a note below!!!