BFD Gifting: Our faves from local shops you can buy too! And last minute!

There is nothing that this person who is typing right now loves more than buying presents. As such, she now has a reputation as a bit of a gift advisor, which would also be a kick ass dream job, but currently is a talent that goes unpaid and requires a fair amount of ground work to get her name out there as a reference. She is also speaking of herself in the third person which will stop… now.

The holidays crept up on people in Toronto a bit this year as it only really started getting cold and snowing this past week, so there are going to be a lot of ‘Oh sh$%’ shoppers oot and aboot trying to get organized but not panic but still find cool stuff beyond 3 for 2 deals on socks. Not to knock socks, but there’s still plenty of places and things available in our fair city (and shippable across the country). AND BFD IS HERE WITH OUR GIFT GUIDE!

If you can’t figure out what to get someone, but you got them in the Secret Santa draw, or you’ve been invited to a little holiday soiree, you can’t got wrong with a funny food or animal decoration like these from Outer Layer in Toronto.  Film buff? Godfather nightmare x 3. Food lover? Tacos. Duh. Animal lover? If they don’t lose their s%& over a pug in a hat, they’re not a real animal lover. Or worthy of your friendship.

REINDEER DIY CRACKERS Kit $26.95 from The Paper Place (Queen West at Trinity Bellwoods)

REINDEER DIY CRACKERS Kit $26.95 from The Paper Place (Queen West at Trinity Bellwoods)

Combine with wine as a dinner party thank you so the kids can go and do this in the basement while you do wine in the upstairs. Everyone wins!

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A favourite shop of ours that has everything from snarky cards to scented candles and even a Tiny Record Shop, Token at Queen and Boulton (just before Degrassi) is sure to have some hilarious pop culture relevant stocking stuffers if not a gorgeous piece of beading or handmade jewelry…. That could also fit in a stocking.

Kate Beaton 2016 Tea Towel - Pony! $18.00 from (located at Toronto Reference Library)

Kate Beaton 2016 Tea Towel – Pony! $18.00 from (located at Toronto Reference Library)

If you haven’t been to this shop at the main level of the Toronto Reference Library, you GOTTA go. Books, comics (from local and international authors), paper goods, designer dishware, textiles, all sorts of gifty treats abound, though another cannot go wrong gift idea is a tea towel like the above, for those who would prefer to wipe dishes with 2016 instead of acknowledge where humanity is from a development/doom perspective.

Storage Basket $20 by luuee for sale this weekend till the 23rd at Evergreen Brickworks Winter Market

Storage Basket $20 by luuee for sale this weekend till the 23rd at Evergreen Brickworks Holiday Market and at Etsy,com

Or maybe go to the Brick Works and check out the Holiday market they have going on till Xmas… Somewhere the kids can go run around at while you peruse the locally made wares like this adorbs little catch all by Canadian artist Luuee… Good for clothespins, keys, treasures and maybe even a little pine tree! (combo eco gift alert!!!!)

Mugtails Designed in Japan by Kinto. Porcelain – Animals available include Moose, Bear, Fox, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Cat, Rabbit $17 – $26/each from Len Studio (at Coxwell and Danforth)

Porcelain Mugtails Designed in Japan by Kinto. $17 – $26/each from Len Studio (at Coxwell and Danforth)

Fancy a mug? But like a nicer one that someone may not buy themselves but you will cause its time for cute mugs with tails from this adorable giftshop on the Danforh in the east end… Things are better with tails and ears. That’s #fact


CANVAS Geometric Cut-Out Wreath, 20-in $34.99 from and in your local store

I had 3 people stop me in the store today asking while aisle I got this in (there’s 3 left at the Leslie and Lakeshore one, Aisle 12). This is a kick ass gift cause it’s Scandi chic on its own OR you can fill it with stuff OR clip stuff to it. Weave a garland or some copper wire lights perhaps? Or use it on a grand holiday table with some chunky candles in the middle. SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES.

SKEEM CANDLES, SWEET BALSAM 50hrs $36 at and in store (just east of College and Ossington)

SKEEM CANDLES, SWEET BALSAM 50hrs $36 at and in store (just east of College and Ossington)

And for the never fails, will please everyone, nobody can talk trash because it’s always useful (Well unless the person is allergic to scents… then look for an unscented one, derp) gift, a scented candle in a gorgeous container that can be reused with a tealight when the candle runs out. Mic drop.

Happy Holiday shopping!



Stuff We Love: Time to get thrown! (aka buy a throw)

Now that the holiday shopping season is officially upon us, out come all the yummy stay warm home decor suggestions. We led the way a few weeks ago with mugs, but it’s full on throw time people. Time to jazz up that couch or add a splash of fancy to the master bedroom! Hell, ponchos are super in for a second, you could even cut some holes in one and wear it out for a fall stroll. Nobody will know!

SPOOT THROW $199 from

SPOOT THROW $199 from

You may not be able to afford redo the kitchen floor with the tile that looks like this print, but this  Scandi-modern inspired blanket is an excellent alternative. Plus burgundy, which is so now and totally fall delicious.

I saw this one in the wool yesterday and OMG it’s gorgeous and on sale. Green, blue, red and black hunky chunky yum yum. Our dog Leelu, who prides herself on being able to translate certain big knit home decor products into puzzles, likes to take pieces like these apart. Which is why the closest we can come to getting something like this is rolling in a huge pile of them in the shop. Which isn’t weird at all.

Doesn’t get much more Canadian than this, that’s for sure. Why limit the wool sock style to foots anyway? Give your living room the cottage treatment without having to drive 3 hours north. SCORE!

And just in case you need a warm reminder of a life more tropical, you can start here by literally wrapping yourself in banana leaf print fleece. On trend and on couch. Perfect.

Drake General Store - Fairytale Kids Blanket $78.00 from

Drake General Store – Fairytale Kids Blanket $78.00 from

This says it’s for kids, we say ba humbug. The red, blue and pink combo is always a decor hit, and you can sock it away as a holiday treasure for the family to enjoy as a keepsake. Santa + dragon = awesome!

Happy Throwing!


Houses We Love: Happy Halloween!

Probably the only time of the year where you can walk around the neighbourhood taking pictures of people’s houses without being suspicious… we just couldn’t help snapping a few of all the fab decorations around here when we were ‘walking the dogs’. (We totally went to check out everyone else’s decorations, who are we kidding). Judge not lest ye be judged? Judge away, we have a colour morphing giant light orb for a pumpkin, so we’re definitely no slouch when it comes to enticing porch decor solutions. Could look to do a little more with some giant ghost bodies I suppose… maybe some sound effects… check out some of our fave bits below…. IF YOU DARE!!!!

Wishing you and yours a very spooky eating candy until you puke day of celebration. #bestpart


Stuff we love: NICE MUG! No seriously…

So we finally broke last night… The heat is on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with four seasons, there is an inevitable internal struggle Canadians face every year going from the very brief, and FREE home temperature management time period of September/early October when we don’t have to have A/C on OR heat on and can open the windows and sleep comfortably… To having to accept that it’s too bloody cold in the house to be comfortable and it’s time to turn on the heat cause you’re nose is permanently cold and you’re washing your hands a lot just to warm yourself up. Other things we will do to try to avoid turning on heat include: excessive throw blanketry, indoor hat and scarf combos, going to bed at 6pm and drinking lots of hot beverages (with or without alcoholic toppers, no judgement).

Asking for a friend....

Perusing the personal mug collection for a suitable warm me up vessel, I was overcome with a need to check out more mugs because I’m shallowly sick of the ones we have and want to look at more!

Siirtolapuutarha large mug $26 from

This one is totally all about the Scandi monochrome and pink vibe that is so in right now, because it’s a style classic! Plus you get to show off to people that it’s a Marimekko, of Finland?  Hello?

Can’t afford the $500 dutch oven? Well what about this here mug that can make you look fancy and French cultured for 1 millionth of the price? You can even call it thee instead of tea and people will totally be impressed because a) Canadians use French words all the time and b) using other languages immediately make every day things like tea sound more expensive. Papier de toilette. Bicyclette.

Nice hint of mint for the season keeping it fresh with the falls colours. Get 4 of these or check out their other colourways for a mix and match, which may help in case you break one and then are left with an odd set number. We may or may not know this from personal experience.

How. Cool. Is. This. Mug. Yes perfectly in time for Halloween, but this thing is suitable any time of year because we literally all have skeletons and gold and white. So there.

So much goodness in one mug why choose just one motif?  Pip Studio’s stuff has always been a kitschy fave of ours for wallpaper, stationary and bedding, but just look at this delicious thing. There’s also a matching teapot, just saying…

Well, it does.

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

A nice surprise besides being out of drink and having to get off your ass to get more of said drink… Dah dah!!!

Rounding our with some subtle style here, these are definitely a nice organic twist on the everyday, perfect if you’re a mug cradler who likes a spot that’s just right optimal thumb positioning.



Places we LOVE: PEI (and Charlottetown)

So sad to have left this gorgeous little island. We didn’t get a lot of time here, we would have definitely appreciated more, but now we know for next time… The shopping? Fab. The houses? Picture book perfect. The people? Friendliest Canadians ever. The weather in the winter which is keeping us from upping sticks and buying out here to live? Heartbreaking. We did run into a few city folk like us who said eff it, and moved out East and not one of them looked remotely like they cared they were missing out on anything. Lots of suspicious ‘smiling’ and looking relaxed …. If downtown Charlottetown can have a kick ass sneaker shop, then maybe there’s hope for us yet. Go to PEI. Go to Charlottetown. It’s worth the drive, could not have been a nicer place. (There’s enough filament bulbs and real Neapolitan pizza for everyone, don’t fret)



Stuff We Love: Marble Mania (for the masses)

There are few natural stone surfaces that have captured our heart more than marble over the past few years. Although definitely trendy, and we will include a few examples here on the more ‘hip’ side of the trend for sure, because why not, white marble has transcended many decorous centuries relatively intact (save for the odd missing male reproductive organ/strategically affixed fig leaf of bygone eras).

Neoclassical Marble Bath $45,011.89CAD from

The thing is though… Marble can also be a gigantic pain in the a%&. It’s still relatively expensive as a material for furniture, it’s heavy (duh), porous (no red wine/tomato sauce for YOU!) and un-fixable once cracked (let me tell you the one about when someone tried to clean the chandelier above my parents marble dining room table, and stood on the table, and then…They now have a stainless steel dining room table). So how to get the look of marble without the big bucks? Have we got some finds for you!!!

As much as we have our hearts set on that marble bath for our country estate, imagine the difference in shipping alone… Oven mitt vs giant, #$%& off sized 18th century bath thingie? Not even sure if that bath will fit into the back of the Canada Post van… With the mitt set, however, you can be classy while you burn things!

Now you can legit protect your table from red wine stains using the most not recommended for wine stains material in the world! But look how cool these are! Practical? Maybe 50% of the times. Affordable? 100% of the times.

WALL CLOCK WHITE (Marble & Copper) $30 USD by Will Wild from

And speaking of time… #seewhatididthere This is a great little piece to add to a gallery wall, an office or even a Scandi-inspired kitchen.

You cant even GET a blanket made from real marble anymore (I think they stopped making them when people started getting crushed/throwing their backs out when trying to fold them), so this is the perfect ‘make your couch look like an Italian piece of art’ alternative. AND you can wash it.

Or you could go for the full 8 hour a day experience instead… A far lighter alternative to an entire bed made out of the stuff, that’s for sure. Also an inexpensive way to decide if that marble mausoleum you and your friends were looking at chipping in on is a good long term investment for post-life relaxation.

And just because you can… Why not add some gold into the mix? A great option for dressing up a grey couch with a little machine washable splendour. And there’s a rose gold version too. For rich people pillow fights.

In case you aren’t quite sure about changing up the hardware in your kitchen to brass but still want a little bit of that love by the back door… $100 will get you the fix you need. Can also be used in a fancy bathroom for jewelry and perfume storage…Yummy.

And for the slightly more practical tech head, a geometric bluetooth speaker that’s as stylish as it is portable. Would look very nice resting on that CB2 shelf come to think of it…

Marble Wallpaper by Ferm Living $124.00 CAD from

Oh that old wall? Yes, entirely marble. They had to bring the pieces in with a crane they were so large! Yes I realize I have no balcony or windows large enough  in my apartment so that may technically be impossible. Stop harshing my mellow, dude.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must retire to my newly installed steam room for a cleansing respite from all this opulence. All this fabulous can be exhausting… But with affordable shipping!



Livin La Vie Canada

As Canadians there’s a lot about our ‘way of life’ that is being considered quite attractive vs the alternatives by some literal and figurative neighbours… We think probably the best way to assimilate will require watching of videos, such as this from the Youtubes.


How to Be Canadian (click on this, the picture is just a picture)

It will also involve a significant amount of armchair politics and online research. If you’re considering Canada, you’re already heading in the right right direction so BFD can just not with the pointing out of the obvious (and what we hope is obvious) and hope you have enough of an affinity for poutine/Tim Hortons/maple syrup that you’ll feel right at home when you get here.

So considering there’s enough people with plenty (of stupid %&*#) to say regarding politics, we will say something about the things that really matter like what cool stuff to buy from Canadians that’ll make you look Canadian from REAL Canadians. Please. Thank you. Now look at this montage/mood board of fantastic-ness!


As you know affordability is always paramount for us in 99% of the things we are posting, but we also wanted to showcase some of the best of the best, which, regardless of country of origin, doesn’t always come cheap. That chandelier has always been one of our dream pieces, as has any kind of new couch, so we have taken some long weekend liberties. Sorry. (Also, get used to apologizing, we do it a lot. That’s totally true)

1. Branches Chandelier, starting at $2,000 CAD – Brothers Dressler

2. Iconic Point Blanket Multistripe, starting at $350 – Hudson’s Bay

3. TAVALO SIDE TABLE, $175- Umbra

4. Frame Cabin Candle, $15 – Drake General Store

5. Pineapple Shot Glasses $44 – Set of 2, Copper by W&P Design –

6. Lenn Sofa , $1,388 – Design Republic

7. Sheet Double Dresser, $639 (50% OFF!!!) – EQ3 Modern Furniture

Happy Shopping and Happier Long Weekend!