Shops We Love:

Ok so full disclosure, we came across this site via Facebook ads. Whatever magical targeting they used in order to reach us, it worked. If you are on the lookout for some off the beaten path, subversive but traditional dishware, allow us to introduce you to Calamity Ware.

Two words: Zombie Poodles. Later Blue Willow, hello cheeky chinaware. And this is just the beginning!!

Mother effing dinosaurs, people. This is something even the snobbiest of children can get behind, am I right? The collection actualy began in 2016 as a Kickstarter project and there is no wonder that it’s been as successful as it has with its clever twist on one of the most recognizable china patterns in western culture (can’t say ‘the world’ cause we aren’t really sure about the whole world so that’s would be assumptive and maybe rude?). The brainchild of retired graphic designer Don Moyer, the success of his initial release of plates has turned into a full time website featuring items borne of his desire to work on projects that are fun. Isn’t that awesome? Like fun for every day???

The original posse: Four-Plate Combo: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Currently Out of Stock But Back in Spring 2017) $196.27 CAD

The original posse: Four-Plate Combo: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Currently Out of Stock But Back in Spring 2017) $196.27 CAD 

Flying Monkeys. Giant robot. Sea monster. UFO invasion. What more does a well dressed table need? Oh wait…

There’s mugs.

And bowls. Fly included.

And don’t get us started on the textiles. And the prints. And the pocket squares! Enough!

Honestly, if you haven’t, do yourself a solid and check this site out. Ships to Canada and the US. And there’s always more pieces being added so if you’ve not registered anywhere yet for your wedding or have a big birthday present ask coming up…. Just saying….


BFD’s Top Picks: IDS 2017

We were lucky enough to attend the Interior Design Show over the weekend and were reminded at every turn how much we need at least 10 more houses with at least 50 more rooms to decorate. How people are able to make decisions sometimes with so many delicious options on offer is truly amazing. We can barely go a week without replanning one of our own rooms, hence blog and living vicariously through other people’s unfilled furniture space.


Here’s our faves from this year’s show (in no particular order):


All of these Grohe Essence faucets are limited editions or prototypes at this point, but they did have a contest going for people to pick their favourite colour and actually win one. Hopefully our #tangerinedream submission is a ringer!



These custom light sculptures were part of a live fabrication exhibit called Partisans Factory. Each piece of woven light sculpture was auctioned off to support Habitat for Humanity.


These are some of the artists creating light sculptures in an actual factory set up at the show complete with industrial sized heating and cooling elements… and stylish spacesuits. Actual retail pieces vary in price from $250 to $12,000 and can be ordered through their site:


Hannah Vaughan’s DIY chair kit can be bought online from her site: and retail for $75 each. We loved that rope seat and the simplicity of its design. Portable and clean, these would be great around a kitchen table or as a focal piece in your living room. And you can jazz up that rope if you want and add in any colour you can find (good reason for a trip to Mokuba on Queen West if you ask us)



You. Had. Us. At. Lucite.

We couldn’t even either. These pieces are from design duo Sacha Grace (literally 2 women named Sacha and Grace) who get to spend their days working with our dream material. We aren’t jealous, just in awe. Love. Love. Love. Necklace pendants start at $195, but the above side tables start at $5,795 and are available at



This emerald beauty is from a selection of hand created tiles on display from Black Rock Studio. How could you not want to just jump into a pool of this colour… Or maybe recover a fireplace with it. #squadgoals



This minimalist ‘Cubi’ mixed material kitchen was by far our fav in the whole show (DesignLines and IDS agreed: this actually won best booth at the show this year — 400 sq ft). This is an eco friendly design from AyA Kitchens in Mississauga but they have locations all over Ontario and throughout the country. Those are also our dream floor tiles…



Ciot tile… One day your hexagonal magic will be mine. Oh yes. You WILL ALL be mine.



This is the Transforma chandelier by designer and architect Jacob Antoni. This version expands from 2 feet to 4 feet depending on your mood and also comes in a triangular and circular version. Unreal, right!?!? To see a video of the light in action and other versions of the light check out his site at 

And another IDS comes to an end! Think we missed anything? Let us know!!!


A Tribute. Stuff we love: delovely de dog beds

In a tribute to our beloved Buster who passed away this weekend, a repost of our fave dog beds for all you dog loving decor enthusiasts. Make sure you take every chance to love them, every day. Dogs are, in our opinion, the best people.

We have 2 furbabies, 5 dog beds, 3 dog jackets, poopie bag holders, all the stuff.

Canadian dogs in Christmas Jackets

Canadian dogs in Christmas jackets and *cough*  matching festive ribbon collars

So usually if ‘the dog needs a new…’ it’s more just us wanting to buy stuff for the dogs. Because dogs need decor. Like they need boots….. and sometimes rhinstones. And fabulous beds.

Donut Bed Onyx Toile Onyx Toile Microvelvet starting at $76.99

We have two of these washable, stuffable Molly Mutt dog beds, and it’s the second set. Washable is very key, and the fact that you can replace the insides (with old t shirts or even a store bought cushion) is awesome and much less smelly. Wash the outsides, insides, repeat!

Molly Mutt 100,000 Fireflies Outdoor Dog Duvet Starting at $32.99

And then of course, you can never really go wrong with a little camo. Note: a LITTLE camo. Not entire rooms, outfits or car interiors.

P.L.A.Y. Original Camouflage Lounge Dog Sofa $77.31

This is perfect for the cottage because duh, #pineneedles

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.07.56 PM

PINE Pet Bed By Lisa Argyropoulos $129

Ok, seriously. It’s a hot dog bed. Hot. Dog. Bed.

Colorfulhouse® Hot Dog Sofa Pet Bed with Removable Washable Pet Mat Starting at $33.99


And now for the dream drool bed. A nice little mid century addition. Sigh.

Modern Wood Dog Bed – The Joey High Back Bed $529


Happy New Year! Craigslist Finds

Welcome, welcome to 2017! Hopefully everyone has stuck to their resolutions so far… 4 days in and we have not bought any chocolate! But we will be redoing the kitchen, designing material and wallpaper and taking the world by storm one throw pillow at a time… So there’s that.


But in the meantime, in the midst of all this change, it’s nice to know that there’s always the good old list of Craig ready to share its recyclable, revampable or reusable treasures with the good people of the internet… and the Greater Toronto Area. Because now is the time to make that decision to forget that gym membership you’ve been putting off getting (for a reason?), and maybe learn to refinish a chest of drawers, upholster a chair or change a light bulb!

Love the contrast between the wood and black lacquer, and this could work in a tv room with kids that like to jump on/off the furniture, even though they’re not supposed to, and it’s cool, cause this cost $80 and looks stylish as &*$%.

Chairs. Table. Scandi awesome at its affordable-est. They’ll also do just the chairs for $600, but why split up a family? And the table is extendable, so you may actually have the room to have the family for Christmas dinner next year…. Or not!

Was initially drawn to the table which is brass-tastic, on trend and totally affordable, but that lamp isn’t too shabby either. Perfect for a boudoir revamp or as a cute friend in a reading nook. Goes well with a bottle of red wine.

Kinda digging the wood look of these chairs, but these would also be gorgeous painted a bright yellow with a marble bistro style table….

Like THIS one? BOOM. (those chairs are already sold, I know, I know).

Unusual Accent Chairs - $225 ($400 for both)

Unusual Accent Chairs – $225 ($400 for both) 

These would be super cool at the end of a bed or on either side of a piece of art… Maybe against a big kelly green or royal blue accent wall? There’s just something about them… Would also look fabulous recovered in velvet. Yummy, yummy green velvet.

Now you have all the  vintage teak room in the world for those socks you got. Maybe some underwear too. Or DVDs. Cause those are vintage too now. Sigh.


BFD Reveal: We Got King Size Bed Style!

We posted a little preview on Instagram today, but we finally up and got a King Size bed AND bed frame. And it was totally not because the dogs take up all the space on the bed… Except that they totally take up less space now that we have a big ass bed!!!

Bedroom Revamp 1 #bfd

Welcome to our tropical pink velvet boudoir!

Some of you may be looking at the surface of the side tables, because it’s all scratched up. They’re vintage 1950’s from my grandparents and I refuse to have them refinished. They have always looked that way, so unless we are restoring to that exact stain? Not interested.

Bedroom Revamp 2 #bfd

From the left so you can see that sweet, sweet bed detail

It took us forever to find a low profile bed (because dogs are old, can’t jump the way they used to) that we both liked until finally we saw this one online. It’s from CB2 and took us about 6 weeks from ordering to get it delivered and set up. It literally took them 5 minutes to deliver, put it together and boom. It cost an extra $160, but it was well worth it.

Drommen bed from $1199 to $1499 CAD

Drommen bed from $1199 to $1499 CAD

And the mattress? We got an Endy, which is the online, foam, orderable Casper equivalent, but Canadian. Ordered it on Saturday, delivered to our front porch by Wednesday. Double BOOM!

We use the mattress right on the wood slats of the bed. Mattress + bed. That’s it. And we love it. Not hard as a rock, but not smushy/bad for your back either. Very very recommend.

We tried to steam the wrinkles out as much as we could, but you can still see where the dogs like to launch on/off the bed. They are very excitable. We will get it right for our spread in Elle Decor, but until then… The sheets were sort of a fluke and we got them on sale when we were at West Elm a few weeks ago (not going to buy anything was the intent… We are liars) and some of the colours are on sale now online as well, so….

And finally those divine palm print cushions? We picked them up at a pop up shop  by 3 Design in Toronto a few weeks ago and they follow us from room to room because they’re lovely and we love them. And it’s winter so where the hell else are we going to get tropical?

Hope you enjoyed our bedroom redo as much as we did. Just wait till you see the sheets we got for Christmas!!!!


BFD Picks: Elte Sale Now On!!!

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly buy another thing, Elte has a 25-50% off sale. Now is the time to take advantage of the holidays sales and treat your home to some fancy pieces from shops you drool over during the other 11 months of the year, and then impress your friends with the, ‘Oh that? Just a little something I picked up at Elte.’ Cause you’re #fancy. Here’s our top picks, all under $500!

AUSTIN WALL LIGHT BRASS on sale $270.00 from

AUSTIN WALL LIGHT BRASS on sale $270.00 from

Perfect for a hallway or get a set for either side of the bed? If you’ve been looking to dip your toe into the brass trend but can’t commit to the usually higher than normal price tag? Sorted.

BENNETT TABLE LAMP on sale $346.00 from

BENNETT TABLE LAMP on sale $346.00 from

Ok on a bit of a brass kick here, but combined with that crystal base this lamp is just to gorgeous to pass up. A nice addition to a corner reading nook or a formal living room, and at this price? How could you not?!?

CORTEZ PULL UP TABLE on sale $295.00 from

CORTEZ PULL UP TABLE on sale $295.00 from

So loving the architectural vibe of this silver leafed table. So sophisticated. You could have 2 on either side of a couch or push 2 of them together instead of a coffee table which is perfect if you like to sit and watch TV while eating a bit of dinner. Then you don’t need to fight anyone over the table being too close or far for snacks, food or easy access to the remote!

CAFE MAGAZINE RACK on sale $395.00 from

CAFE MAGAZINE RACK on sale $395.00 from

Finally somewhere to store your Vanity Fair/Vogue/RH Catalogue collection that you can put on a drink on! Could also be used to store toilet paper or rolled up hand towels if you have a larger than normal bathroom (jealous).

BOHEMIAN SIDE CHAIR on sale $395.00 from

BOHEMIAN SIDE CHAIR on sale $395.00 from

Is it bad if you like the extra guest chairs better than the ones you have with your dining set? Your regular chairs will be envious for sure. But these are so gorgeous you can easily have them out all year long as accent chairs in the living room or in a hallway nook. The highly reflective finish will make them seem barely there!

4'x6' GIBBARD DARK BLUE/IVORY on sale $417.50 from

4’x6′ GIBBARD DARK BLUE/IVORY on sale $417.50 from

When was the last time you saw a gorgeous rug from Elte that was perfect for your living room at this price? Exactly. Get on it. Modern, traditional, MCM or eclectic, this print is neutral and stylish enough to suit pretty much any decor theme. Unless you’re fully committed to leopard print. Then this probably won’t go.

Happy Shopping!