Another BFD Reveal: Alex’s Before/After Light Swap!

Alex and Tim moved into their east end home a few years ago, but with work, life and 2 little boys, there’s only been enough time/patience in the day to sort out every single thing in the house that they wanted to change… Even though the Jonathan Adler gorgeousness in their dining room (as shown in above title display) literally is all that and a bag of chips, the upstairs fixtures were suffering from some serious womp womp.

Bedroom Before

We hear you Jonathan Adler Pillow, you’re not wrong

Not only did we need to get a pendant in there that was in line with their eclectic style, or any style.. to be fair.. They also didn’t have any bedside lamps which, when they are able to get a few minutes alone time with a sleeping baby or a book… or a book, a bottle AND a sleeping baby, would be super useful, so we took a look at some easy to adjust clip lamps that they could affix to the bed posts, be easily adjusted and could easily move from room to room as needed. What we chose:

For the bedroom ceiling:ย Capiz Orb Pendants (Large) $309 USD from

(this lamp is great because you can clamp, or drill the lights straight into the wall on adjustable brackets, the choice is yours)

Closet hallway from the bedroom to the bathroom

Closet hallway from the bedroom to the bathroom

Alex had already updated their closets in the walk through from their bedroom to their bathroom with Cole & Sons ‘Secret Garden’ wallpaper, but their ceiling light… wasn’t getting along with everyone. It was time for a change, and it would have to work with the lights in the bathroom AND the bedroom. But not match them. Complimentary style but not too matchy matchy. We suggested this light as an angular compliment to the round honeycomb style of the bedroom light with just the right amount of whimsy…

Their bathroom overhead light also needed a bit of an update from the inherited revival 50’s diner lamp that was in there… Something modern with a classic twist that worked with the ย bedroom pieces but also matched the chrome fixtures in the bathroom… SPLURGE ALERT: Restoration Hardware to the rescue!

Drumroll for the finished product, ladies and gents!…

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Stay Tuned: Another BFD Reveal

Dream of getting rid of those inherited light fixtures in your home that you can’t help but stare at…. And detest? Coming up: Tripping the light fantastic with some old friends this week on the blog! ย (That’s Keith! Hi Keith!)