Craigslist Finds: Labour Day 2017 Edition

Well if you can believe it, and I don’t think anyone can given the weather that we’ve had this summer and the fact that we’ve been able to not have our air conditioning on ALL WEEK in August… it’s that Back to School, Labour Day weekend time again. Which isn’t as sad as it used to be when you were a kid and had had just had 3 months off and now have to go back to actually doing things you don’t wanna do, learning and getting up on time. Not sure as an adult if we’d be able to handle the shock as well and those resilient children…Because every day is the closest you will ever be to shooting spitballs in class. Which is why you decorate your house with cool stuff instead. Allow us…

Washable covers means dogs and kids can coexist with this piped beauty. It has space enough for 3 and super easy to switch up the cushions for a Mediterranean vibe or an English country feel, whatever you’re in the mood for!

The stools with all white tile or marble. Or both.

Not bad for the real thing, especially if you can talk your kid into needing this for their desk and why this is super cool. ūüėČ

This chair you probably can’t afford. Or maybe you can…? This would be super stylish for a child to get its head stuck in…. think of the photos!!!

Or this see through lucite beauty. Droooool.

White Bertoia style chairs. 2 for $50 and they are legit some of the most comfortable chairs we have in our house. Not that ours are exactly the same but they look pretty similar. Great for a small eat in kitchen or at a bistro table by a window. You know, in the Parisian corner of your house.

And is it possible that all you have to do is paint the wood on this couch and it’ll look cool? It’s $100, so it’s not like you’re going to be out major dollars if it doesn’t work out…

Spray paint this yellow or white. Sunnify your breakfast nook. Don’t forget to invite Blanche and Sophia.

These gorgeous MCM chairs are like less than $400 for the set. How can you NOT?

We are sure that there will be a bunch more that’s going to come through over the weekend, but why spend your time looking for the goods when it’s the last weekend of the summer and you’ve got the best right here already?? ENJOY!!!




Couch Surfing on a Sunday

Just when you think winter has given us the go ahead…. Surprise! You started to believe, didn’t you?!?! Just like a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, the minute you start to say, ‘Well maybe this year..’ you’re done for. It’s not spring yet, you fool! SIT DOWN! On a couch. With some tea and Netflix. We got another week of this at least. In case you forgot: it’s Canada. Hooray? Well at least we have the internet, and couches. As in new couches, cause why not?

HOWE SOFA $1,260.00 from

A Iittle more on the expensive side for sure, but the “lower” expensive side… Just a little of the on trend brass leg, but it’s delicate and smoky all at the same time. Like the couch equivalent of a London Fog tea in a yummy mug.

But while we are fantasizing… What about a little of this?!?!? It’s like quilted marshmallow.


GUS* MODERN AUBREY SOFA $2,450.00 Р$2,658.25 (CAD) from 

And this is a cotton candy dream smoothie. Velvet and everything.

GRAMERCY 3-seater sofa $499 from 

And then I saw this and was like sorry, how much? Great for a little sunshine-y book nook!!

CIRRUS sofa $1099 from 

And for a velvet sofa that is as glam as it is fresh front lawn? Not a bad price. You can’t go much lower than this in price point with design like that.

COOL 3-seater sofa $499 from 

And one more from Structube for good measure, this one is also super ‘cool’. Love the piping, and that price, obvs. A bit difficult these days to find sofas not from the usual suspects to be honest we need more online selection in Canada!

Last but definitely not least, this was our fave from Ikea’s new PS 2017 collection which hit stores in February. Washable covers, and a light and airy design with substantial cushions, you could have this as part of your backyard lounge scene or in your living room, and it would be perfectly at home in either setting.

Happy Surfing Afternoon!


Craigslist Finds: Fall Back 2016

Best thing about today? Getting an extra hour of time to do stuff. Worst thing about today? We know what the extra hour of sleep is supposed to make up for and the impending cold and dark can be daunting. It’s true. Can home decor¬†therapy help? Maybe. More than eating a tub of ice cream? Definitely. Cause you can’t sit on ice cream. Well, you can… But it’s messy.

I love the sunshine in his photo almost as much as these chairs. Don’t even need to reupholster, they are GTG! ¬†Wood look great with a glass top dining table or something a little more modern/Tulip-y. At this price you can go table fancy at Elte.

These would actually go really well with the MCM chairs above provided you had no little spill prone people running around the house… Or you could maybe do a fabric stencil on these chairs to match what ever stain surprise emerge. Craft opportunity and a steal of a deal for this chair pair!

This is a 4 parter, all for $800?


Retro and functional! You can store all your sweaters and throws in here and they will all come out smelling like you’ve been hanging with the Mr Tumnus via the cedar wardrobe. LOVE THAT CEDAR SMELL. YUM!

LOVE this table, so the fact it’s this price AND comes with 4 chairs? Dining set sorted. Done and done.

Um hello? Kartell light for $150? Used but mint condition the only person who will know this timeless classic is second hand is you. High five.

Oh, and pick up this ARTEMIDE desk lamp while you’re at it… It’s like 1/4 the normal price! Bedside lamp, office lamp, even a statement task lamp in your kitchen, another timeless classic for a ‘You have GOT to be kidding me’ price.

The set is close to 50 years old, so this is some prime lucite right here. The table’s not totally our taste, but the chairs alone are worth WAAAAY more than the price they are asking. Not necessarily everyone’s style, but if you love lucite (and you KNOW we love ourselves some lucite and have NO MORE ROOM FOR CHAIRS) make this happen. You won’t be sorry.

Happy hibernating, folks!




Livin La Vie Canada

As Canadians there’s a lot about our ‘way of life’ that is being considered quite attractive vs the alternatives by some literal and figurative neighbours… We think probably the best way to assimilate will require watching of videos, such as this from the Youtubes.


How to Be Canadian (click on this, the picture is just a picture)

It will also involve a significant amount of armchair politics and¬†online research. If you’re considering Canada, you’re already heading in the right right direction so BFD can just not with the pointing out of the obvious (and what we hope is obvious) and hope you have enough¬†of an affinity for poutine/Tim Hortons/maple syrup that you’ll feel right at home when you get here.

So considering there’s enough¬†people with plenty (of stupid %&*#) to say regarding politics, we will say something about the things that really matter like what cool stuff to buy from Canadians that’ll make you look Canadian from REAL Canadians. Please. Thank you. Now look at this montage/mood board of fantastic-ness!


As you know affordability is always paramount for us in 99% of the things we are posting, but we also wanted to showcase some of the best of the best, which, regardless of country of origin, doesn’t always come cheap. That chandelier has always been one of our dream pieces, as has any kind of new couch, so we have taken some long weekend liberties. Sorry. (Also, get used to apologizing, we do it a lot. That’s totally true)

1. Branches Chandelier, starting at $2,000 CAD – Brothers Dressler

2. Iconic Point Blanket Multistripe, starting at $350 – Hudson’s Bay

3. TAVALO SIDE TABLE, $175- Umbra

4. Frame Cabin Candle, $15 – Drake General Store

5.¬†Pineapple Shot Glasses¬†$44 ‚Äď Set of 2, Copper by W&P Design –

6. Lenn Sofa , $1,388 –¬†Design Republic

7. Sheet Double Dresser, $639 (50% OFF!!!) РEQ3 Modern Furniture

Happy Shopping and Happier Long Weekend!


Latest Craigslist Finds: Weekend of August 21st

The yellow cushions may not necessarily be to everyone’s taste, but the teak is worth it if you spend a few hundred bucks getting the cushions recovered.

These are pretty cool. There’s diferent leg colour options, or no colour at all with plain wood. Kind of Scandi industrial. And you totally can put your glass on here, NO COASTER. Live on the EDGE!

This is a really nice looking MCM coffee table. Love those brass leg details, and the lower rack is super handy for magazines. And it’s from one of our favourite stores on Queen East:¬†Guff. Check out their other stuff. Awesome selection and reasonable prices. Like half of what you’ll pay in Roncesvalles. But don’t tell anyone.

Oooh! It rolls. It’s mint green. You could maybe even use it in the kitchen, as an island or against the wall dining table. And it’s normally $199!!

We literally have the same exact couch. And we bought it on Craigslist. Things we love: the arms are resting your head comfortbaly height, it looks like grey velvet and the covers are WASHABLE. We have 2 dogs. This is a big plus. Would be equally plus with kids, cats and hobbits. Brand new, these start at $900. Major deal.

These are used from a restaurant, but being a bit worn in gives them character. Would look really nice with a glass table or maybe something chunky repainted a bright colour.

Like this one. Paint it a crazy red or cobalt blue. Yeahhhhh. The whole set will cost you less than $500: which gives you enough to buy sandpaper and paint. Done.


1st Dibs Fantasies: Marzio Cecchi Club Sofas

As much as we wish we could make/replicate every thing we love that’s out there in the land of beautiful things, even we have to raise the white flag when it comes to most things on 1st Dibs, because, well.. It’s the 80’s teen movie cool kids table you wish you got invited to sit at that would be able to tell in a second if your popped collar Polo shirt wasn’t real… so don’t bother. Just drool.

If you are planning on taking over the world, poisoning someone to death or laughing maniacally for an extended period of time: these are the sofas for you. If anyone does buy them who is reading this right now.. Please send us a photo? Tell us what it’s like? Please?


Wanna sit? PSYCH!