Craigslist Finds: Week of September 17th, 2018

There was so much and not enough to choose from this weekend: people went nuts posting yesterday so it took longer than usual before we even got through everything listed just from the 15th! Here’s our faves in no particular order.

With vinyl sales continuing steadily, care of audiophiles, hipsters and musical purists, why not extend that vintage love to the piece you use to play your records, man?? Yes, there are other players you could get, for far more or less money, but if you have the space and aesthetic inclination, this piece really is the way to go.And it’s less than $500!

If we didn’t have dogs (that we let on the furniture, all the time) this would already be in our living room, legit. A gorgeous piece that is built to last in a timeless style that can fit in to a plethora of decor environments for under $1,000. DO IT.

And this coffee table would actually be totally perfect with the couch above. Can you believe it’s only $150? We like this piece because it’s already kind of dinged and messed up so even you continue to ding or mess it up, that’ll be part of the look instead of a blight on your living room scenery that you will forever notice and never forgive your cousin Dave for causing. Avoid the passive aggressive family get togethers and embrace a table that just gets better with every red wine stain it accumulates!

Cheap and cheerful, we love this for its portable size and versatile lewk. Perfect size for a condo, and perfect price for not breaking the bank!

Even though they aren’t the real thing, at two for $100, you’re still laughing. These Le Corbusier-inspired classics never go out of style, and are an excellent accent for any living room or sitting area!

Yes, we know this style isn’t for everyone. Especially if  this is giving you flashback of your mom’s 1980’s balloon drapes. BUT, that being said, you could easily mix this piece up with some glass nesting tables and a modern chandelier and be the envy of all your ‘contemporary/transitional/beige-style’ friends (zzzzz). THIS. SOFA. IS. EFFIN. FABULOUS.

But just in case the floral explosion is too much, this is a great option that afford you the chance to still go to town with the throw pillows. Perfect for a pop of colour, and at not even half the cost of what this piece would normally cost! Would actually go really well with that condo sized coffee table! New living room for less than $400. Not bad for a Sunday shop.

6 chairs AND the table for under $1,000 is an absolute STEAL. This find will not last long, and even if the upholstery isn’t to your taste, these are some of the easiest chairs out there for you to try your hand at some DIY upholstery (though we quite like the stripe/weave combo, tbh). A super find with a design pedigree like this is the reason we spend so much time looking through all this stuff for you: too good to be true exists sometimes, so get er done!



BFD’s Craigslist Finds: Week of April 24th

Lots of spring cleaning means lots of finds. So many good things. Lots of project pieces this week with lower price tags which is nice, though obvs the full monty is also a nice surprise too.

Reupholstery project hello! This would be fab in a graphic black and white printed fabric, like Marimekko style…

Yes. Exactly. Paint the wood red or maybe green…

If this is light pink, this is fabulous. If this is beige… less fabulous. BUT with some kick ass colourful cushions it’s a cool chair that only costs $50. Looks very comfortable. Good for cookie eating.

That table is awesome, and hey, this is a pretty stylin set up for $200. Will be surprised if this one hangs around for very long, esp now that it’s getting warmer out and people are being all gardeny n stuff.

This is a basic dining set. But it’s also a good BASE. For a paint project. Paint it all white and add a graphic colour splash to the table, or maybe something like this with triangles…

Just get crafty with the paint tape like this design from Nine Red’s DIY blog post.

I dare say this is fabulous. It’s covered with stuff, so it’s not the best picture, but it’s $20 and it’s 80’s chic with the white and metal mix. It’s pretty obviously a good idea to buy this table.

Just get some new seat cushions for this and you’ve got a conversation corner in an awkwardly sized kitchen. You could paint this table top too!!

Get some of these and you’re golden. And velvet.

And while we are doing 80’s chic, we might as well throw this lamp into the mix. Iconic but totally would work as a bedside table or at a mirrored desk where you make very important 1980’s decisions on your swatch phone.


You can have one now. And call waiting. All for yourself.



Craigslist Finds: Family Day 2017 Edition

Holy crap peeps, it’s a bumper crop this week. A plethora of possibility! Seems like the gorgeous weather over the past 3 days has been impetus enough for people to open up their garages and attics and get photographing to clear out all of those treasures you didn’t know you needed yet! Don’t worry, we’re on it.

A good price for the pair and easily coordinates with any decor style, if you’re looking for some extra living room seating but can’t really really commit, these are a great transitional option, that would be awesome with some graphic throw pillows for extra zuuusje. (from the verb zuuusjing, as in this plain white bathroom sure could use some zuuusjing up! Alternative recos for spelling welcome)

Knowing how redonkulously expensive RH is normally, this is a pretty sweet steal of a deal for a home office, and you know this thing is going to last through whatever wear and tear you can throw at is based on the fact that it’s built like a metal (brick) sh&*house. A little on the pricey side in terms of the type of things we normally feature, but this is a good opp to get a high quality, sturdy piece of furniture for a fraction of its normal price.

LOVE LAMP. MAKE BUYING OF LAMP. This lamp urgently needs to be a part of your home because it is so unbelievably badass and would be perfect in you living room, on a bedside table or in a reading nook. Your other furniture will be jealous, but don’t worry, they’ll get over it in time… as long as the lamp invites everyone to play on its spaceship every once in a while.

Nice for some dips n nibbles when entertaining. Love the 70’s vintage vibe and these would go well with a plain white china set as a colourful accent.

Something about this plate is just crying out for you to paint or decoupage a dinosaur into the scenery. Add a little joie de vivre to make this seemingly non-descript plate on the wall a bit more fun for those who take the extra minute to find your cheeky artistic surprise! Tee hee.


These are a few years old but still a favourite style of ours from the more style-infused pieces that Ikea has come out with over the past 5 years. At this price for two, these are also a great option for CRAFTING!!!  Try out repainting, sticking an accent piece of wallpaper on the doors or maybe even a marble faux finish. Bonus: They also look stylish the way the are, and those little ceramic pulls are still totally adorbs without going shabby chic overload (vom).

Not sure how this is still available, but the price for just the chairs alone is a steal, so get on this one before it’s gone! Pretty sure it’s only a matter of days if not hours. Can you say re upholstery dream project?!?!

Kitchen island or console table say whaaaaa? Portable and able to match pretty much any decor style, this is a practical work/eating/drinking addition to any kitchen/dining area, and a minimalist modern alternative to a chunky console table behind the couch or in a naked hallway that isn’t too obtrusive. Plus, hello? It’s $75.

Yeah, we don’t know how this is still available either at the price. We have something very similar at the bottom of our king sized bed and this is a great way to do the t shirts/socks and underwear thing without having the furniture in your bedroom obtrusively take over your space (cause it’s sort of like it’s part of the bed). Love love love those recessed handles. Faboosh!

Happy Family Day bargain hunting!


Craigslist Finds: The Christmas Countdown is On!

So it’s officially less than a month away from the most magical time of the year for light lovers, tree smell sniffers and gag gift givers… Nevermind the decor judgers and grudge holders, they all come out of the woodwork at this time of the year, whether we like it or not. But not to worry, the list of Craig’s got your back, of that you can be sure. And that fabulous new set of chairs you got for the dining room? Oh yes, very expensive, got them at a pop up shop on Queen that’s gone now, can’t believe you didn’t see it. *wink*

They seem repro, but not bad for some outdoor furniture, or even indoor if you’re so inclined. Easy to add to pretty much any style of room except French Provincial. Which, if that’s what you’re still going with and you don’t live in Provence, you’re going to need more than a few chairs to sort out….

MCM, Viscol, Double Bed Frame with 2 Matching Night Tables - $425

MCM, Viscol, Double Bed Frame with 2 Matching Night Tables – $425 

Not bad for a matching set! Yes it’s a double, but where are you going to find stylish MCM furniture for your guest/kids room at a comparable price? You’d spend this much buying new and then some. Perfect for a smaller sized space that you want to use, but don’t want the harmonica song loneliness of a twin bed…

Can we first just point out how nicely this piece is staged? You don’t get quality pieces like this at this price looking this cool very often, so 11/10 for curb appeal. This could be a fabulous addition to a bedroom set or dining area, maybe even a hallway console? It’s not the cheapest piece we have ever featured, this is true, but it’s still very competitively priced for MCM walnut and an excellent starting point if you’re wanting to spend some money adding some more permanent pieces to the home collection. Just make sure you have coasters. Cause you KNOW Uncle Steve is going to put his drinks on this and walk away.

Again, great styling… Seems to be the same person selling multiple pieces, and having excellent taste! This is a genuine Scandinavian piece so you can’t go wrong when it comes to quality and reputation. This could easily be in a bedroom or living room depending on your storage needs. And easy to vacuum under. Yes, I just wrote that.

Sofa / Day bed - $200

Sofa / Day bed – $200 

Love this with the bent wood arm rest and legs, but the arm rest also moves to become the pillow when you remove the back pillows to convert this into a bed. Good for a multifunctional room that needs to be an office by day but a potential someone’s too festive to drive home crash pad/ snore escape locale. Would be easy to make or have covers made for the cushions too! A nice palm leaf print, perhaps????

Need extra guest chairs? Got some extra red, orange or yellow paint? Maybe even some Scandi inspired light pink or mint paint to switch up the everyday home palette?The world is your DIY decor oyster, for $30. Uncle Steve can put his glasses all over these and who gives a sh&* about the rings? Wipe em right off your shiny upcycled chairs an focus on more important things, like finding out who has been feeding the dog tinsel.


Craigslist Finds: October Time!

There is a plethora of goodies this weekend, peeps. We got started with chairs because of course (We have to many chairs. They’re so easy to buy!) but it’s that back to school time of year where people are clearing out garages and basements for indoor hangy-outy space. So you can fill your hangy-outy space with stuff from someone else. That’s how that works.

Obviously if you can get both for $105 do it, but even the one at that price is pretty sweet. We would be recommending a reupholster with something a little brighter, maybe a nice blue and white toile?

$300 for the pair and they’re already velvet so you don’t even have to recover! They don’t look particularly worse for wear either, so these are a good piece of fancy for a living room and will dress up a modern, square couch nicely if you’re trying to mix up your look a little bit.

These could also work as accent chairs in a living room or at either end of a dining table. Or for that boardroom table you’re looking to install in your basement. Not judging, board room table could also be useful as a craft table?

Great for a graphic carpet like this with the reflection that make you go all whoa, cool maaan. This table really fits in with like 90% of decor pretty much, though watch out for dog nose marks and/or toddler eye injuries, cause this thing is just the right height!

It’s. $3. Get new bulbs. Perfect to use as a wall fixture too, v 70’s den-esque. Would look great with a graphic wallpaper. Which you can now afford because $3.

Steel Orb Pendant Light Fixture - Reduced Price :) - $35

Steel Orb Pendant Light Fixture – Reduced Price 🙂 – $35

This would be perfect above a small island, or a corner dining table… Maybe a mystery book dedicated reading nook? Get out of here with your Danielle Steele. GOD.

Not sure why they are saying MCM with this one.. perhaps it was the manufacturing time period, but anyway we are saying loosely schoolhouse/modern kitchen style. Doesn’t really matter what you call it cause this would be super adorbs in a bathroom or mud room. Would also say playroom, but if your kids like throwing things that bounce off the ceiling… this may soon be one of the things their throwing bounces off of… or not, as the case may be.

How much fun is this???? So many reupholstery opportunities, but you *could* paint the wood on this and take it one further… Realizing that painting over teak may be considered blasphemy for some of you which we totally get. This would be a great piece in an entranceway or upstairs hall if you have enough room…

2 sofa chairs - $100

2 sofa chairs – $100 

Reupholstery alert! Are you even kidding me these are $100 for BOTH. The colour is actually quite nice on its own and would look lovely opposite a grey or white couch, but at this price point, why not use the rest of the $ you’re willing to pay on chairs for an upholstery class and sort it yourself?

Great pieces at this price and stylish classics to boot. Perfect for your at home bar or kitchen island as a pop of colour.

There’s apparently 14 of these. How cool are these? Evidently a restaurant or bar is trying to clear these out, so now they’d be perfect for YOUR restaurant or bar. At this price point you could buy 4 for your backyard bar and have pimp chairs next season all ready to rock!

Got a home decor project of your own that you need our shopping eye to help you with? Get in touch!



CraigsList Finds: Weekend of August 21

Some really good stuff on the old list of Craig at the moment. We have had to talk ourselves out of at least a few pieces already this week. Our life is very difficult.

How cool is this thing? Yes ok, the dryer part sort of negates it from being the main seating choice in your living room, but just push the thing back and you still have a pretty awesome chair. Or consider it a silence helmet for hiding from screaming children? Or next door neighbour bad music choices? So many uses.

These are actually quite pretty. Don’t let the price point put you off, there’s a lot of cool stuff that you could maybe add in to the piece to make it your own if the orig pieces are not your vibe. A photo of the dog? One of the kids in a canoe on the lake? There are loads of DIY tutorials out there to show you how to super impose your own images into existing landscapes, so wouldn’t be that hard… All you need is a photo of a sasquatch and some modge podge and you’re G2G!

This lamp rules. Obvs because #lucite but also because it’s $80 and will have pride of place in whatever room you put this in. Gorgeous and affordable? DONE.

You’d spend just as much on brand new, but why? These are so much cooler, and a steal of a deal as they could legit be selling these for at least 50% more. The upholstery may not be everyone’s taste, admittedly, but we like the cross decade 60’s meets 80’s vibe we got going on here. Would be perfect with an angular, plain white dining table or something in chrome and glass.

This is a great way to mix and match lightbulbs or go uniform matchy over the dining room table or perhaps in an entranceway. We’d probably get 8 different style of light bulb, to be honest, but that’s just cause we get bored of the same thing. For bargaining purposes, you’ll do better getting 8 of the same bulbs.

It’s probably this affordable because it’s in Pickering, but don’t let Oliver Jewellery’s latest POS TV ad scare you off, you could probably spend just as much time sitting in traffic on the Gardiner between Yonge and Spadina on a bad day, so make the trip! It’s all wood (good) in the hood!

This is definitely one of the more impressive Ikea hacks with this desk that we’ve ever seen (this is an Ikea desk btw). Your kid doesn’t know who Mondrian is? Well they will NOW! If we hadn’t already bought a new desk off Craigslist 2 weeks ago we’d deffo be checking this one.

It’s $50. You could pay 10x that for something like this that’s styled the way you want, but WHY? Paint it a high gloss white? Reupholster  it with some Kelly Green velvet? The world is literally your oyster with this piece. Make it happen. Do your dreams.

How are you still reading this having NOT clicked on the above link??? Steal of a deal and these two pieces are in mint condition and original Canadian vintage.

Not bad for $180. And even with a bit of wear, leather can take it where fabric absolutely cannot. Good for a den or second couch in a basement, maybe even an accent piece in a bedroom if your room is large enough!


Mega Bunch of Craigslist Finds! W/E of June 26th

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, like maybe even weeks, but there was a redonkulous explosion of good stuff on the List of Craig this weekend. So let’s go!

3:30, 3:30, 3:30…

Fab deal and love the little penny sized details. There’s surely a proper name for what that is, but we aren’t sweating it…

How. Cool. Are. These. Good for basement mess hiding/office space creating.

It is wonderful. And it’s Thonet! Hello?

A lighter play on the heavy office or den chair, these are only going to get better with age. And they are Roots leather so… Canada.

Why you wouldn’t buy these if you need barstools..? Cannot possibly fathom.

Two affordable white modern chairs that aren’t the standard Ikea fare? Not too shabby.

Need a door? The hardware alone costs more than the price, so you’re out ahead and you have a door!

Seeing these against an all white wall, or maybe go totally opposite and maybe try a candy apple red wall? And they look like you can sit in them sideways, which is comfortable when watching GOT. (am I rite?)

For the hall or entranceway? And that price? I’ll be surprised if this lasts another 24 hours!

Not sure… Like? Don’t like? Could be nice on a large porch or in a kitchen? On the fence.

Happy Shopping, everyone! And Happy Short Week! See you on the long weekend!