Couch Surfing on a Sunday

Just when you think winter has given us the go ahead…. Surprise! You started to believe, didn’t you?!?! Just like a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, the minute you start to say, ‘Well maybe this year..’ you’re done for. It’s not spring yet, you fool! SIT DOWN! On a couch. With some tea and Netflix. We got another week of this at least. In case you forgot: it’s Canada. Hooray? Well at least we have the internet, and couches. As in new couches, cause why not?

HOWE SOFA $1,260.00 from

A Iittle more on the expensive side for sure, but the “lower” expensive side… Just a little of the on trend brass leg, but it’s delicate and smoky all at the same time. Like the couch equivalent of a London Fog tea in a yummy mug.

But while we are fantasizing… What about a little of this?!?!? It’s like quilted marshmallow.


GUS* MODERN AUBREY SOFA $2,450.00 – $2,658.25 (CAD) from 

And this is a cotton candy dream smoothie. Velvet and everything.

GRAMERCY 3-seater sofa $499 from 

And then I saw this and was like sorry, how much? Great for a little sunshine-y book nook!!

CIRRUS sofa $1099 from 

And for a velvet sofa that is as glam as it is fresh front lawn? Not a bad price. You can’t go much lower than this in price point with design like that.

COOL 3-seater sofa $499 from 

And one more from Structube for good measure, this one is also super ‘cool’. Love the piping, and that price, obvs. A bit difficult these days to find sofas not from the usual suspects to be honest we need more online selection in Canada!

Last but definitely not least, this was our fave from Ikea’s new PS 2017 collection which hit stores in February. Washable covers, and a light and airy design with substantial cushions, you could have this as part of your backyard lounge scene or in your living room, and it would be perfectly at home in either setting.

Happy Surfing Afternoon!



Craigslist Finds: September 20th Edition!

This week definitely has us wishing we had a store. Some of these pieces are just to die for, and there’s a really good mix of modern and eclectic pieces: JUST in time for fall!

The actual ad says ‘Cartel’ but don’t let that spelling interpretation fool you, this is a Kartell Ghost Nightstand, and retail is $480 USD on  NOTE: We have emailed about it already… Just saying… My bathroom needs a side table…. or something.

This picture is better quality 

It is $800, we know, but it’s down from a retail $1,500 (USD) and looks like it may have been used for staging…? At the very least you can be sure people haven’t been sitting on, putting drinks on top of or spilling cheerios around this light fixture, so this is a super excellent deal. Would be equally nice in a hallway or a landing. Plus it’s iconic and expensive and you’ll be getting it for less than half the price. So go ahead, show off.

Can you even handle the style and strut of this baby blue/periwinkle couch?!? And it’s been cleaned so you wont be having to deal with other people’s food/apartment smells while trying to figure out if you want to recover it or not. (We wouldn’t, this colour works!) Seriously, just buy this couch. Which would actually go really nicely with above side table and chandelier… The red and light blue together is one of our favourite colour combos.

It’s pink. It’s tufted. It’s velvet. We thought this couldn’t be for real and had to be part of a set of dollhouse furniture or something, but it’s a full adult sized couch. You could, in theory, get 2 couches for $600. Like… it’s couch Christmas in September.

lotus chair – $200 

This chair could go with either couch, or hang out on its own and never be lonely because it’s so goddamn interesting to look at, nevermind the size of the obviously comfortable seat. It may have a slight attitude problem considering it probably spends most of the day looking at itself in the mirror. Just shut up chair, and get in the folded down seat back of my car.

And now for something completely different. It’s not sit in ready by any means, but if you’re looking for a fabulous fall DIY project this is it. You could paint it or try to restore the original wood and cane frame and get new custom cushions made, maybe something in a deep smoke grey velvet, or an OTT palm leaf print?

Vintage Mid Century Modern Cesca Style Chairs – $100

I know right? You can’t even. Like the stuff online this week is ridiculous. We have redone your loft living room and are getting started in the dining room and it’s just 10am. The resentment meter is high in this household this morning, people. We seriously need at least 3 more living rooms.