Stay Tuned: Another BFD Reveal

Dream of getting rid of those inherited light fixtures in your home that you can’t help but stare at…. And detest? Coming up: Tripping the light fantastic with some old friends this week on the blog! Β (That’s Keith! Hi Keith!)




Stuff We Love: Tripping The Light Fantastic

It’s time for some more lighting porn, y’all. There literally aren’t enough 1/100th of enough outlets in our house to accommodate the hundreds of light fixtures I have bought in my head over the years… I guess that’s why those that don’t have disposable lighting incomes make blogs, or open a lighting shop. Or.. blog about opening a lighting shop? #genius

Top Hat Pendant $45.83 from 

Holy crap how cool is this? We’ve seen similar light bowler hat/Magritte-esque style fixtures for at least 4 times the price, so we’re super excited to have come across a half decent reproduction that isn’t you know… like an actual old smelly hat?

Fabric Tapered Shade $44.98 from 

Oh hello you cheeky pop of colour! We like you! Also comes in an adorbs white/magenta combo that is not oppressively pink and totally reasonable in a hallway (not just a stereotypical ‘fun’ girls room – puke)

Dome Silicone Shade Kit $29.98 from 

Ok so you’re just seeing this here silicone shade (it’s just the shade, you WILL have to but the cord set separate)but check this thing out…

It does this!!!

And this!!! I know, right? It’s literally like at least 4 lights in one. Maybe even six if you include folding up a jaunty corner.

Imagine waking up every morning and thinking, ‘Holy sh*& I just spilled orange stuff all over my bedside table! Oh, wait, that’s just my lamp!!!’ Hilarious, right? This is PERFECT for a kids room, though if you go with the minimalist style white version you could totally get away with having one in your very adult bedroom, or even in the corner of your living room. You’re a grown up so you can literally do whatever you want.


Ok so this can be art. Use your art budget and buy this. The arms even move like a clock. It’s ridiculous. Love. Lamp.

IC S2 Pendant by Flos $695 USD from 

And while we’re going there… Let’s just go there with this. Can you imagine three of these above a marble bar? Or a wooden raw edged bar? Divine. And it gets even worse…

IC T1 High Table Lamp by Flos $675 USD from 

There’s a table version. AND a floor version. I know. It hurts.

LILO Table lamp $69 from 

Here, put this on it. We got you.