Tea Towel Curtains

Curtains intro

These are a pair of curtains I made for the small bathroom window we have that sits in our shower upstairs. I’d looked all over to find a pair that wasn’t frilly or expensively handmade, and was drawing a blank. Spending more on curtains for a tiny window than a regular sized one seemed stupid.
Fast forward a few weeks to me at West Elm, looking at tea towels, thoroughly unimpressed with being someone who was spending actual time looking at tea towels: and it hit me. A couple of these would do nicely in my window, and I could technically claim they are West Elm.. because they were. Any standard sized tea towels will do! Browse Pottery Barn, CB2, or find a pattern you love that is truly unique.
These beauties can also be used for small, above the sink windows, or hard to dress teeny windows that pop up in older houses.

What you’ll need:
2 matching (or not) tea towels (must be same size)
1 set of curtain clips (Syrlig Ikea curtain clips;  10 for $4.00)
1 metal tension rod (extends to 3′ max; $5.00 at Home Hardware)
Curtains what you'll need
What to do:
1. Affix the clips to the tea towel starting at one corner, then the other corner.
Curtains 1
2. Make sure the other 3 clips are space evenly between the two corners so the curtain folds are spaced evenly.
Curtains 2
3. Slide the first panel with clips affixed on to the tension rod. Repeat steps 1-3 with the second panel.
4. Fit the rod into the window box, twisting the rod to extend or collapse the size so that it fits snugly in the window. the rod will have a bit of spring to it so better to size it a bit bigger than the window box for a super snug fit.
5. Ta dah! You’re done! AND, when they’re dirty you can wash them, or when you’re sick of the pattern, you can change it!

Some of my favourite souvenirs from trips abroad are tea towels found at markets, museums and design shops; super easy to pack in your suitcase too. It’s always nice to tell someone that your fabulous new curtains aren’t available in Canada because you bought them ‘on the continent.’

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