Stuff we love: NICE MUG! No seriously…

So we finally broke last night… The heat is on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with four seasons, there is an inevitable internal struggle Canadians face every year going from the very brief, and FREE home temperature management time period of September/early October when we don’t have to have A/C on OR heat on and can open the windows and sleep comfortably… To having to accept that it’s too bloody cold in the house to be comfortable and it’s time to turn on the heat cause you’re nose is permanently cold and you’re washing your hands a lot just to warm yourself up. Other things we will do to try to avoid turning on heat include: excessive throw blanketry, indoor hat and scarf combos, going to bed at 6pm and drinking lots of hot beverages (with or without alcoholic toppers, no judgement).

Asking for a friend....

Perusing the personal mug collection for a suitable warm me up vessel, I was overcome with a need to check out more mugs because I’m shallowly sick of the ones we have and want to look at more!

Siirtolapuutarha large mug $26 from

This one is totally all about the Scandi monochrome and pink vibe that is so in right now, because it’s a style classic! Plus you get to show off to people that it’s a Marimekko, of Finland?  Hello?

Can’t afford the $500 dutch oven? Well what about this here mug that can make you look fancy and French cultured for 1 millionth of the price? You can even call it thee instead of tea and people will totally be impressed because a) Canadians use French words all the time and b) using other languages immediately make every day things like tea sound more expensive. Papier de toilette. Bicyclette.

Nice hint of mint for the season keeping it fresh with the falls colours. Get 4 of these or check out their other colourways for a mix and match, which may help in case you break one and then are left with an odd set number. We may or may not know this from personal experience.

How. Cool. Is. This. Mug. Yes perfectly in time for Halloween, but this thing is suitable any time of year because we literally all have skeletons and gold and white. So there.

So much goodness in one mug why choose just one motif?  Pip Studio’s stuff has always been a kitschy fave of ours for wallpaper, stationary and bedding, but just look at this delicious thing. There’s also a matching teapot, just saying…

Well, it does.

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

Shark Attack Mug $14.95 from BLUE BANANA MARKET

A nice surprise besides being out of drink and having to get off your ass to get more of said drink… Dah dah!!!

Rounding our with some subtle style here, these are definitely a nice organic twist on the everyday, perfect if you’re a mug cradler who likes a spot that’s just right optimal thumb positioning.



Craigslist Finds: October Time!

There is a plethora of goodies this weekend, peeps. We got started with chairs because of course (We have to many chairs. They’re so easy to buy!) but it’s that back to school time of year where people are clearing out garages and basements for indoor hangy-outy space. So you can fill your hangy-outy space with stuff from someone else. That’s how that works.

Obviously if you can get both for $105 do it, but even the one at that price is pretty sweet. We would be recommending a reupholster with something a little brighter, maybe a nice blue and white toile?

$300 for the pair and they’re already velvet so you don’t even have to recover! They don’t look particularly worse for wear either, so these are a good piece of fancy for a living room and will dress up a modern, square couch nicely if you’re trying to mix up your look a little bit.

These could also work as accent chairs in a living room or at either end of a dining table. Or for that boardroom table you’re looking to install in your basement. Not judging, board room table could also be useful as a craft table?

Great for a graphic carpet like this with the reflection that make you go all whoa, cool maaan. This table really fits in with like 90% of decor pretty much, though watch out for dog nose marks and/or toddler eye injuries, cause this thing is just the right height!

It’s. $3. Get new bulbs. Perfect to use as a wall fixture too, v 70’s den-esque. Would look great with a graphic wallpaper. Which you can now afford because $3.

Steel Orb Pendant Light Fixture - Reduced Price :) - $35

Steel Orb Pendant Light Fixture – Reduced Price🙂 – $35

This would be perfect above a small island, or a corner dining table… Maybe a mystery book dedicated reading nook? Get out of here with your Danielle Steele. GOD.

Not sure why they are saying MCM with this one.. perhaps it was the manufacturing time period, but anyway we are saying loosely schoolhouse/modern kitchen style. Doesn’t really matter what you call it cause this would be super adorbs in a bathroom or mud room. Would also say playroom, but if your kids like throwing things that bounce off the ceiling… this may soon be one of the things their throwing bounces off of… or not, as the case may be.

How much fun is this???? So many reupholstery opportunities, but you *could* paint the wood on this and take it one further… Realizing that painting over teak may be considered blasphemy for some of you which we totally get. This would be a great piece in an entranceway or upstairs hall if you have enough room…

2 sofa chairs - $100

2 sofa chairs – $100 

Reupholstery alert! Are you even kidding me these are $100 for BOTH. The colour is actually quite nice on its own and would look lovely opposite a grey or white couch, but at this price point, why not use the rest of the $ you’re willing to pay on chairs for an upholstery class and sort it yourself?

Great pieces at this price and stylish classics to boot. Perfect for your at home bar or kitchen island as a pop of colour.

There’s apparently 14 of these. How cool are these? Evidently a restaurant or bar is trying to clear these out, so now they’d be perfect for YOUR restaurant or bar. At this price point you could buy 4 for your backyard bar and have pimp chairs next season all ready to rock!

Got a home decor project of your own that you need our shopping eye to help you with? Get in touch!



Shops We Love: Biron et Fils, Quebec City QC

We first came across this shop a few years ago when we visited Quebec City on our honeymoon. Located in the heart of tourist town/Virus Quebec, the shop is just off the beaten path and may not even be on radar were it not for the restaurants right beside it that offer a constant flow of looky loos. Lucky for us, most tourists aren’t looking for metal hooks, nails, cabinet hardware and pulls or else we’d surely be elbowing people in the face to get to the cash register. Something about ‘luggage weight restrictions’ that probably works in our favour. Anyway, back to the point: forget Restoration Hardware and ridiculous shipping from US costs, this shop has the most affordable reproduction vintage hardware we have ever come across, nevermind their grate covers and hairpin metal legs which are $14.99 A LEG. #forserious


4 of these and a hunk of old wood: dining room table for under $100. You’re welcome.

And here’s the rest. The prices are so good this is pornographic, BFD cannot be held responsible for the damage this may inflict on your bank account.

The owner also takes custom orders and has worked with a number of clients to help them create designs that they now sell. Although the whole site is in French, you’ll figure it out by looking at the photos, and if you have questions the owner can answer in English. The company itself has been part of the hardware manufacturing landscape since the early 20th Century as a family business. So not only will you be buying Canadian and saving money, you’ll be supporting a local small business. Which is nice.

Bonne Chance!




Places we LOVE: PEI (and Charlottetown)

So sad to have left this gorgeous little island. We didn’t get a lot of time here, we would have definitely appreciated more, but now we know for next time… The shopping? Fab. The houses? Picture book perfect. The people? Friendliest Canadians ever. The weather in the winter which is keeping us from upping sticks and buying out here to live? Heartbreaking. We did run into a few city folk like us who said eff it, and moved out East and not one of them looked remotely like they cared they were missing out on anything. Lots of suspicious ‘smiling’ and looking relaxed …. If downtown Charlottetown can have a kick ass sneaker shop, then maybe there’s hope for us yet. Go to PEI. Go to Charlottetown. It’s worth the drive, could not have been a nicer place. (There’s enough filament bulbs and real Neapolitan pizza for everyone, don’t fret)




Shops we Love: Spoutnik of Montreal

Holy effing sh&@ you guys this shop is unreal. Like we are legit reconsidering the retinal portion of our trip to come back through Montreal so we can bring a bunch of the things she has in her shop home with us a) because the owner has FABULOUS taste and b) we literally cannot handle how reasonably priced everything in this shop is. As much as we want to keep this a secret and not share, well, you’re gonna die when you see all this stuff and since when did we keep any of this to ourselves, really…? Wouldn’t have a blog if we did that so… Here’s a few of the bits that we were able to capture in between my exclamations of SHUT UP. Which is what we are renaming this store. You can’t help it.

NOTE: We may be buying some of these pieces so don’t hate if you go and they’re gone… We have 100% confidence that the voids will be filled by other pieces just as faboosh and jaw droppingly affordable. And now for the piece de resistance…

See we told you. This place may as well be called Shut Up.

Bonne journee!


Bunz Finds: If you don’t know, now you know!

Bunz is our new fave app, and we are totally addicted. It’s basically a barter app. I have this thing, willing to trade my things for other things like a,b and c. You have that thing that I want, can I trade you x for it. That’s how it goes. From food, to books, to furniture, to clothing, to shoes, to krazy glue, to tealights and half used bottles of perfume, if you can think it then it’s probably there. For more of a background on the founder (she’s a Torontonian, folks) and why she created the whole thing in the first place (it started as a FB group and grew rapidly from there) check out this article from We have already gotten a few awesome pieces for the house in exchange for wine and tokens (the go to currencies of choice, as bunz is based in trading, not money transactions) including this lamp, price: 2 tall cans of decent beer (be nice, no PBR unless people specifically ask you for it).

Bunz lamp find

Modern lamp, $two tall cans from 

Bunz is all about perceived value, so ou are going to come across a lot of random stuff that people have attached a certain $ value to or are asking for giftcards for of a certain amount… The best way to successfully bunz, if you do have piles of clothes, books, shoes, whatever, sitting around that you know you should do something with, and you’re not, is consider what good it is doing for you now, and how much good(er) it could be doing you if you exchanged it for something you could really use. Like film, tokens or a coffee table. It’s all about perceived value, so it’s entirely reasonable to expect some deals that make no monetary sense, but make literal sense in that each person is getting things they need/covet. Like when I traded 6 tokens for Tory Burch winter boots last week. Yes. 6 tokens.

photo c/o

photo c/o 

This post marks our first Bunz Finds list, so it’s gonna be home decor themed, obvs. Get out there and get bunzing!

Could be handy for a garden feature, or maybe even a few book ends? AND THEY’RE FREE.

Vintage Paris Monumnet Map

Map of Paris showing major landmarks 

Need art? This would be great above the couch, in a den or an upstairs hallway.  Add Ikea frame and stir.


Projector, Works perfectly, has all the cords and the remote 

The owner is looking for something at the $100 equivalent, either as a gift card or booze… We have a projector in our basement, and #trust, there’s no way your gonna find a TV with a potential screen size this large for this price.

How cute is this? Reupholster and use it at the front door as a shoe put-er on-er chair/hold your bags of stuff before you get out the door in the morning table. Owner is looking for a giftcard (GC, for those in the know) so try your luck!

Black side/coffee table 

Got booze, a white board or some wall hooks? Then you done got yourself a table! We’d probably try to figure out a way to paint the legs..Maybe there’s a washi tape project in your future!!!!

Can’t see these two lasting long… they were only posted an hour ago and already people are messaging!!! Get on it, peeps!

Happy happy bunzing!