CraigsList Finds: Weekend of August 21

Some really good stuff on the old list of Craig at the moment. We have had to talk ourselves out of at least a few pieces already this week. Our life is very difficult.

How cool is this thing? Yes ok, the dryer part sort of negates it from being the main seating choice in your living room, but just push the thing back and you still have a pretty awesome chair. Or consider it a silence helmet for hiding from screaming children? Or next door neighbour bad music choices? So many uses.

These are actually quite pretty. Don’t let the price point put you off, there’s a lot of cool stuff that you could maybe add in to the piece to make it your own if the orig pieces are not your vibe. A photo of the dog? One of the kids in a canoe on the lake? There are loads of DIY tutorials out there to show you how to super impose your own images into existing landscapes, so wouldn’t be that hard… All you need is a photo of a sasquatch and some modge podge and you’re G2G!

This lamp rules. Obvs because #lucite but also because it’s $80 and will have pride of place in whatever room you put this in. Gorgeous and affordable? DONE.

You’d spend just as much on brand new, but why? These are so much cooler, and a steal of a deal as they could legit be selling these for at least 50% more. The upholstery may not be everyone’s taste, admittedly, but we like the cross decade 60’s meets 80’s vibe we got going on here. Would be perfect with an angular, plain white dining table or something in chrome and glass.

This is a great way to mix and match lightbulbs or go uniform matchy over the dining room table or perhaps in an entranceway. We’d probably get 8 different style of light bulb, to be honest, but that’s just cause we get bored of the same thing. For bargaining purposes, you’ll do better getting 8 of the same bulbs.

It’s probably this affordable because it’s in Pickering, but don’t let Oliver Jewellery’s latest POS TV ad scare you off, you could probably spend just as much time sitting in traffic on the Gardiner between Yonge and Spadina on a bad day, so make the trip! It’s all wood (good) in the hood!

This is definitely one of the more impressive Ikea hacks with this desk that we’ve ever seen (this is an Ikea desk btw). Your kid doesn’t know who Mondrian is? Well they will NOW! If we hadn’t already bought a new desk off Craigslist 2 weeks ago we’d deffo be checking this one.

It’s $50. You could pay 10x that for something like this that’s styled the way you want, but WHY? Paint it a high gloss white? Reupholster  it with some Kelly Green velvet? The world is literally your oyster with this piece. Make it happen. Do your dreams.

How are you still reading this having NOT clicked on the above link??? Steal of a deal and these two pieces are in mint condition and original Canadian vintage.

Not bad for $180. And even with a bit of wear, leather can take it where fabric absolutely cannot. Good for a den or second couch in a basement, maybe even an accent piece in a bedroom if your room is large enough!


BFD Reveal:The Before and After of an Icky No More Urban Toronto Porch

This is what our porch used to look like on our house. It was ok.. Certainly not the ugliest one in the hood, but there were issues. Like that lattice on the under part behind the Boxwoods (this is an old picture, they’ve grown since this was taken a few years ago). The paint on the steps had completely peeled off. And on the far right corner beside the brick post, the floor was a little bouncy. So bouncy that if someone REALLY wanted to, they could probably go right through it. Which would be funny, but also, there’d be a hole in the porch, which sucks.


The Porch BEFORE the Porch

One Friday afternoon Keith decided to just take off the railing parts… But when he started chipping away, he realized there was actually some ok looking wood underneath, which wasn’t used and covered instead for no good reason. As is the theme with most of the aesthetic ‘choices’ made before our time in our house.


Oh hello railing, sorry we didn’t get a chance to spend any time together


At least both sides of the family got to see each other before…




Already, a lot better, don’t you think?

But Keith couldn’t stop here, which is what I thought he was going to do….


Oops! Those extra planks just sort of fell right off….

So this is what I was greeted with when I got home after work. NO MORE FRONT DOOR ENTERING OF HOUSE FOR YOU! Good news: the joists underneath were totally fine, so we only had to replace the cosmetic wood, which saved us at least $1k. And a lot of pain.


Didn’t have to wait long before new planks started being added in though… Like literally the next day


All new cedar 1×6’s. It smelled SO GOOD. Thanks Home Depot! (not because they sponsored this post cause they didn’t — we still had to pay for the wood, but that’s where we got it from, FYI)


And we have stairs!


Which smelt as eqaully cedar awesome as the deck.


And this was the finished product after weekend 1. Not bad right???

Then it was time for the railing. Origianlly we thought it was going to be wood, but then Keith came across a 100% FREE piece of tempered glass (ex window from what we understand) that someone was giving away from their renovation site on Kijiji. Yes, that’s right. A 10’x4′ piece of perfectly intact glass. For free.


But the posts, which were brown pressure treated 6x6s — not cedar, cause those are special order, and way expensive –had to go in first. This was week 2.



And by week 3, that glass went in! Not bad eh? We had to pay $100 for delivery, and it took 2 men to move, but that glass, once braced by metal brackets, was not going NOWHERE


Also had to build a cedar side railing thing cause you know, falling off the side of the porch, which is again, hilarious, also hurts when it’s from 8 feet off the ground. Apparently.


We ended up getting some of the horizontal wood in that we wanted orginally before the glass miracle happened

And TA DAH!!!! The finished product. Not bad for 3 weekend worth of work and $2k worth of cedar and pressure treated wood, right?



3 weeks. And DONE.

Questions? Comments? Need help with a project of your own? Send us a note below!!!





Craigslist Finds: 2016 August Long Weekend Edition

Get excited people, there’s a lot of deals to be had this weekend! I had to go through 6 pages of stuff that was posted yesterday, and am anticipating today will be more of the same (so hit that refresh button on your Craigslist furniture page cause it’s bargain time!)

How is this $50? I don’t know. Do you really care? Cause it’s gorgeous, sturdy and $50! Looks like that bottom right drawer may need some help, but the wood inlay alone.. This is by far the best deal of the day, if it’s still available. Re-donk-ulous.

Keep it black or spray paint this bad boy yellow to brighten up the balcony! All metal and sturdy this set is going to last you far longer than some of the more inexpensive options available at the same price point. Wine always needs a bistro set because #friends.

Vintage Ikea Wood Coffee Table – $50

I know the words ‘vintage’ and ‘Ikea’ don’t often go hand and hand, but there are some 80’s and 90’s pieces out there that not only stand the test of style time, but of construction time too. Fast fashion and fast furniture trends be damned. This is a good light wood piece that would work well in a Scandinavian minimalist room, or a den/living room that needs a little lightening up for little monies. Worse come to worse and the top isn’t what you wanted? Paint it. It’s $50!

$375 if you only want the chairs, $300 for just the table. Obviously durable and a great solution for a family friendly kitchen dining table. The chairs could use reupholstering if you’re offended by their retro look, but the quality is there with the whole set!

You could easily spend 3x this on a new fake vintage version of this piece, or help someone out who needs the cash and needs to move, and buy this! Being the exceptional person you are, the choice is obvious. And your booze will thank you because it’s embarrassing being relegated to the corner on the kitchen counter like the olive oil and salt and pepper shakers. You’re better than that.

Dude, how are you not clicking on this right now and getting at least 2 of these? Bargain central and they don’t even need to be reupholstered right away. Super modern design with that angled back rest will have your friends who are coming over this afternoon to judge the house/ enjoy a BBQ drooling with envy. Do it for the people.

You’d be spending more buying brand new side tables, but why bother when these are an option and they are so much more badass? For a more masculine look you can leave up beat up and rustic, or sand em down and repaint a bright orange. And they’re portable! Could even out side to side as a coffee table alternative if you and your partner are watching Stranger Things and need to be eating in front of the TV. Which we totally get. Just finished the series and we miss bike riding adventures already.

Versatile set of MCM chairs that can go with an exiting MCM table or switch it up completely with a modern glass table or something a little more heavy metal (like the $300 table from above, perhaps..?). 4 of these for under $300? You’re laughing. All the way to Roncey where you’d pay 3x this at least. Because #fancystores.

This is a little more on the expensive side of what we normally highlight for sure, but how cool is this thing? Cold be used for plants but also works for other small collections of books, medium sized Munnies/Dunnys/Kid Robot Figurines and even some fancy glassware? This piece get 100% on cool factor, fo sho.

Another ‘vintage’ Ikea find, but again, this is a classic piece (from late 90’s/early 2000’s I think) that has stood the stylistic test of time, and is in pretty decent shape. We encourage you to try to negotiate the price a bit to see if you can get it for $75, as it’s been up a few days now with no takers. Would be great in a downtown loft or a a compliment to a white/light furniture decorated living room or den.

Happy Deal Hunting, peeps! And an even happier Monday off!!!! (cause seriously, eff Mondays)


white marble

Stuff We Love: Marble Mania (for the masses)

There are few natural stone surfaces that have captured our heart more than marble over the past few years. Although definitely trendy, and we will include a few examples here on the more ‘hip’ side of the trend for sure, because why not, white marble has transcended many decorous centuries relatively intact (save for the odd missing male reproductive organ/strategically affixed fig leaf of bygone eras).

Neoclassical Marble Bath $45,011.89CAD from

The thing is though… Marble can also be a gigantic pain in the a%&. It’s still relatively expensive as a material for furniture, it’s heavy (duh), porous (no red wine/tomato sauce for YOU!) and un-fixable once cracked (let me tell you the one about when someone tried to clean the chandelier above my parents marble dining room table, and stood on the table, and then…They now have a stainless steel dining room table). So how to get the look of marble without the big bucks? Have we got some finds for you!!!

As much as we have our hearts set on that marble bath for our country estate, imagine the difference in shipping alone… Oven mitt vs giant, #$%& off sized 18th century bath thingie? Not even sure if that bath will fit into the back of the Canada Post van… With the mitt set, however, you can be classy while you burn things!

Now you can legit protect your table from red wine stains using the most not recommended for wine stains material in the world! But look how cool these are! Practical? Maybe 50% of the times. Affordable? 100% of the times.

WALL CLOCK WHITE (Marble & Copper) $30 USD by Will Wild from

And speaking of time… #seewhatididthere This is a great little piece to add to a gallery wall, an office or even a Scandi-inspired kitchen.

You cant even GET a blanket made from real marble anymore (I think they stopped making them when people started getting crushed/throwing their backs out when trying to fold them), so this is the perfect ‘make your couch look like an Italian piece of art’ alternative. AND you can wash it.

Or you could go for the full 8 hour a day experience instead… A far lighter alternative to an entire bed made out of the stuff, that’s for sure. Also an inexpensive way to decide if that marble mausoleum you and your friends were looking at chipping in on is a good long term investment for post-life relaxation.

And just because you can… Why not add some gold into the mix? A great option for dressing up a grey couch with a little machine washable splendour. And there’s a rose gold version too. For rich people pillow fights.

In case you aren’t quite sure about changing up the hardware in your kitchen to brass but still want a little bit of that love by the back door… $100 will get you the fix you need. Can also be used in a fancy bathroom for jewelry and perfume storage…Yummy.

And for the slightly more practical tech head, a geometric bluetooth speaker that’s as stylish as it is portable. Would look very nice resting on that CB2 shelf come to think of it…

Marble Wallpaper by Ferm Living $124.00 CAD from

Oh that old wall? Yes, entirely marble. They had to bring the pieces in with a crane they were so large! Yes I realize I have no balcony or windows large enough  in my apartment so that may technically be impossible. Stop harshing my mellow, dude.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must retire to my newly installed steam room for a cleansing respite from all this opulence. All this fabulous can be exhausting… But with affordable shipping!



Another BFD Reveal: DIY Backyard Wall Art FTW

So when we first moved into the house our backyard was a dust pile w very little character and even less on the style scale. Like negative 10 on the style scale.

Does it look slightly better like this? Perhaps...

Does it look slightly better like this? Perhaps…

For the whole rigamarole, go here (if you’re new). If you’re lazy and can’t be bothered w the process (and was one of those people who just knew the answer and hated showing your work in math class *eye roll*… Like I did) this is the finished product from last summer…

Backyard Ta Da!

And this is the even more finished-er product with some plants and furniture from the spring of this year…

White wall and plants in the garden!

This is breaking the space/time continuum as that wall is already white (mind blown), but now you see the lighting and the plants!

So first step: paint the wall white. At this point I wasn’t too sure what the final design was going to look like, but I had a pretty good idea that a blank canvas would help much more than the sky blue yuck we were dealing with already.


Once the wall was fresh again, I decided to paint some freehand doodles with some basic black paint (Behr Semi Gloss in Carbon to be exact, available at based on some projects I’ve seen done by Kelly Wearstler. She’s developed a drool worthy wallpaper line that is not so much affordable, but totally fabulous, based in the same aesthetic. Given how much doodling I did in highschool, and continue to do on notebooks in meetings… We figured I had a pretty good shot at doing a halfway decent job, sans $1,000 wallpaper. Also cause wallpaper + rain is not a good idea. Especially on a shed that will most likely blow away if a wicked witch even looks at it.

West Side Lofts Sales Centre Inspo (From Queen & Abell) 

Also have to give an inspirational shout out to the old West Side Lofts condo sales centre. This is a sentence I never thought I would write. Right up there with ‘I told you if you kept on doing that that would happen, now stop it or we are going home.’

When the above building first went up in the Queen and Dovercourt area over 10 years ago, we admit to being on the ‘what an ugly POS’ bandwagon, with most of the other pre condo residents  of the area. It was an unwelcome signal of progress that meant the underground cool of the neighbourhood was living on borrowed time. We could all hear the bell ringing, signalling the beginning of the end of West Queen West as the edgy, arty and affordable area it was… But that white blob sculpture grew on me, development be damned.


Doodles abound 

And so I found myself, in my highscool basketball team gym shorts, no less, painting on the side of my garage… my condo art influenced doodles. The black and white was chosen because black and white go with everything, and we wanted something that would contrast with the green of the grass without competing with the colour. All of the doodles were done freehand with a 1″ wide paint brush.. Which is recommended. This project will take WAY too long if you pencil in and plan out how this is going to look. Though if that’s your jam, then go for it (but it’ll add on at least a few more days worth of work, and *might*  make you wish you had just picked a solid colour and not bothered. Just saying)

It took 3 week(end)s total, because although I thought I could handle the casual, not filled in brushstroke look of Ms Wearstler… Turns out I couldn’t. So the doodles ended up having to be filled in and refined over 3 stages to make sure the brush width and colour was consistent. Another fun element that was not originally considered was the fact that this was on ridged siding. And making sure that the POV of the brush strokes from piece to piece was consistent was a bit of a pain in the a$&. So patience and a steady hand is key. If you have neither of these things, maybe try a paint splatter motif instead.


Final Backyard Doodle Wall 

But in the end it was worth it. And we are quite pleased with the finished product. The neighbours kids did ask if we were going to colour it in… Which is a fair question.


But we think we will leave that work till next summer and enjoy the monochrome for now.


Coming this week: Our Wearstler Inspired Backyard Wall

Gross garage wall pre BFD revamp

Lovely, right? The lovely dirt/mould at the bottom kind of hoses off… And that lovely blue was here when we landed 4 years ago. Keith’s also used it as a thing to wipe his paint brushes off on. Because let’s be honest this wall looks like a%$ and doing something about it is waaaaay overdue. And just in case you see that there Wearstler reference and you don’t know… Now you know.

Stay tuned for the updated and finally almost finished backyard coup de grace… Later this week!!!


BFD Sunday DIY Project: A Side of Tables

So Keith is a big weekend project kind of a guy who gets antsy when he’s not projecting, and a long weekend means a lot of free time. So he made some stuff!

Cost of nails: $15.

Cost of wood: Free

Cost of style: Inherent

Final Cost: Still just $15

Not bad, eh?

Hope you had a good long weekend, y’all!